Volunteers need your help to gain charity cash for Newgate Gap shelter repairs

Group volunteers giving the shelter a clean up

A Cliftonville community group has launched a fundraiser to pay for repairs to the Newgate Gap Sea Shelter.

Friends of Cliftonville Coastline are one of the groups in the Ramsgate Waitrose “Community Matters” charity token scheme.

Shoppers put their token in the box of the project they want to support. The more tokens a cause gets, the bigger the donation they receive. Each month Waitrose donates £1,000 (£500 in convenience shops) between three local good causes.

The group was created following a successful campaign – Save the Newgate Gap Shelter – led by resident and mum-of-two Amelia Gregory, with support from Sam Causer of Margate Coastal Park and members of A Better Cliftonville (ABC), to overturn a Thanet council plan to demolish the shelter’s roof.

Thanet council withdrew the demolition application following a number of objections. The Edwardian, Ethelbert Crescent shelter is one of several constructed in the early 1900s along the isle’s coastline.

The group now hopes to restore the shelter.

Amelia said: “We are a group of local resident volunteers who are passionate about improving the unique heritage of the Cliftonville coastline area, for the benefit of local residents and visitors alike.

“The restored shelter will be a community asset for everyone to enjoy.”

The group wll be in the token scheme throughout December.

Find them on facebook here or go to  FOCC.UK