Two teenagers arrested after sickening attack on Charles Dickens pupil is filmed and shared on social media

The vile attack was filmed by bystanders

Two teenagers are in custody following an assault in Margate yesterday (November 29) where a young girl was repeatedly punched in the face and kicked in the head.

The vile attack at Dane Valley was filmed by onlookers and posted to social media where it was shared hundreds of times to the disgust of the young victim’s parents.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “The incident is reported to have taken place in Arlington Gardens at around 3.30pm where the victim, a young girl, suffered a head injury.

“She was taken to a local hospital for treatment and is now recovering.

“Two girls, aged 13 and 14 from Margate, were arrested later that evening on suspicion of assault. They remain in police custody whilst enquiries continue.”

The youngster is a Year 8 student at Charles Dickens. The school says they understand she was attacked by an ex-student.

In a statement Executive Headteacher Kirsten Cardus says: “The school is aware of the very serious incident yesterday after school, where one of our Year 8 female students was physically attacked and violently assaulted whilst walking home in school uniform.

“Whilst the attack did not happen near the school we are still very concerned that one of our students was attacked on their way travelling home. The student was attacked by a former student of the school.

“The Charles Dickens School does not tolerate any form of physical violence, we are shocked by what we have seen, our thoughts are with our own student and her family at this very difficult time. We can reassure you that we will do everything in our power to protect the safety of all our pupils as this is of paramount importance to us as a caring and supportive school community.

“We would like to reiterate to parents that the young person who assaulted our student does not attend The Charles Dickens School.”

The girl’s sickened mother posted to facebook last night after seeing the shocking video of the attack. She said: “There is a video on social media of a fight on an innocent lil girl who begged for it not to happen. Well that girl was my daughter, my baby and has just got back from the hospital as she got some head injuries.

“To find a video of this all over social media is disgusting and the girls that stood and filmed and done nothing are just as bad as the girl that done the assault. I’m absolutely devastated and sick to my stomach.”

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  1. Absolutely makes me sick to the stomach. I hope she fully recovers and those responsible get more than the usual “oh their just bored kids” punishment. If you think your big enough to assault someone your big enough for a proper punishment.

  2. School should take more of a stand on this not just oh it was an ex pupil blah blah. Not-we will be pressing charges. What protection do our children get?? You have custody of our kids its Disgraceful! So self defence classes judo and karate and whatever it takes so they can battle and provide protection. In these cases telling the teacher does nothing. I will support my child to make them combat this. I’m a parent and I’m not gonna sit by and watch our kids get attacked. If another child loses a life through school bullies. The education system the teachers/ guardians and parents need to step up. Forget the police they do nothing.. Do we have to start making a neighbourhood watch type posse thing to protect our kids against bullies and guard the kids out of school till they get home? Makes me sick.????

    • Once again blame the school, teachers and school staff are under funded, under paid, work long hours, which usually means they are paid below minimum wage. Their job is to protect your child while they are at school, it is the parents reposnsibility to bring up their child, it is the parents responsibility to teach your child manners, it is the parents reposnsibility to look after their children out of school, it is the parents reposnsibility to teach a child how to behave. It is a school job to give them an education. Most schools have teachers at the school gate at the start and end of the day are you expecting schools now to escort children to and from school, they can’t even afford pens and paper half the time. Parents need to stop blaming school for everythin* and take repsonibility for their children.

  3. This is disgraceful. What has thit world came to. She was in yr7 and the girl that attaced her was a year 11. If you’ve seen the video then you will see that she was kicked 3 or 4 times in the head. She was begging them to stop but they still battered her. At the end of the video she looked kinda dead. This made me so upset. What if this was your son/ daughter? What would u do. I know I would go bad. i would wanna kill the girl/ boy. I just wana wish Evee the best of luck and I am so sorry to what happend to u <3

  4. I’m thinking like in my day if you took any pride in what school you belonged to in clothing or school bag identity or symbol of school as they all have symbols on school jackets which in some cases is part of school curriculum rules that was why she was bullied because she stood by on the principle of it of being proud to belong to a group standard which is compulsory. I am not a parent but know many victims in life and this is potentially scarring for life for children growing into individuals in society that can either have unhealthy lives or healthy lives and mental health but the bullies know that anyway.As much as I don’t like finalisation anything as I want to believe that there is hope in everyone but in my day I wouldn’t just take it either.So good for her family and friends and celebrities.There is enough violence felt in society as it is.I have had similiar experiences as a teenager and adult and I just relived it again without watching footage but they had no cameras in those days on clever mobiles and the police didn’t have many either.And the fact that it was so gloriously downloaded to face Book for all to see shows the true immorality and sickness of the individuals involved.In fact compared to a crowd of people watching to the whole world watching on the internet covertly is the difference and it’s disgusting.Pick on someone your own size and why not try one on one because the fact it’s three on one shows it’s cowardice in itself.I hope they always feel shame for this act and every violent act after.

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