Magical carvings and cherry trees installed at Dane Park in Margate

One of the wood carvings in process

Eleven more cherry trees and six fantastic tree stump carvings have been put in place at Dane Park in Margate today (November 29).

The carvings, being installed today and tomorrow, are the work of Steve Andrews, wood sculptor and wood artist from Tribalanimal Chainsaw Carving, and his colleague.

They include a wizard, a green man, an owl, a fairy house and a mushroom.

The scheme is the brainchild of resident Stephanie Nsom who launched a £1,250 fundraiser in August to buy trees as a step towards reviving the fountain area in the park.

The first planting of five trees took place in October.

The scheme had 60 sponsors raising more than £3000 in three months, including a donation by Cllr Barry Lewis of £1,000 from his county council grant. Tesco Cliftonville also provided fruits and refreshments for today’s planting.

The project has also been supported by other local businesses including Cliffs, Curve Roasters, The Grain Grocers and the Bus Café.

Mum-of-two Stephanie said: “Despite strong winds and rain this morning, we decided to go ahead with the planting and woodcarvings today. Nearly 30 volunteers joined us to plant the second batch of cherry trees.

“The first five cherry trees were planted around the Dane Park fountain in mid-October by TDC. Today’s planting was done jointly with a team of four council workers. Eight cherry trees were planted along a path in the park going up towards Park Crescent Road and Addiscombe Road; creating a cherry tree blossom canopy in future years; and another three trees were planted near the fountain.

“We had Chairperson Pamela Pople and several committee members of Margate Civic Society join us and they have sponsored and supported the project. MCS celebrated their 50th anniversary yesterday so we had a birthday cake for them.

“Another sponsor del Renzio & del Renzio helped wonderfully with planting the trees  and Mambo Gardens, a landscape gardener service, sent two staff for the tree planting.

“Cllr Rosamund Dixon and her husband passed by to encourage and thank us for the initiative and idea.

“My mentor Dom from Street Trees for Living at Brockley Society with whom I have worked and planted trees in SE London, came and joined as well. I felt blessed today!

“In addition to the 16 cherry trees this year, we commissioned Steve Andrews to do six woodcarvings from tree stumps in the park, recycling the natural resources for children and their families to enjoy.

“We have created a small community group called Colourful Margate. We plan to run more community projects and hope that more residents will join us.”

The tree planting project has been carried out in partnership with the Dane Valley Woods group.

Find Colourful Margate on facebook here


  1. It looks fantastic with the carvings too, something to watch out for next visit to the park.
    I would dearly love to see the old fountain brought back into use again. Surely this could happen with lottery funding.

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