Driver who hit Birchington postman in Margate and then left the scene receives suspended sentence

Vince, who was airlifted to King's College, says he may not be able to return to work

A woman who left a Birchington postman with life changing injuries after hitting him with her car has been sentenced at Margate Magistrates Court.

Sheree Fogarty, 44, of of Millmead Road, Margate, was found guilty of failing to stop after a collision and failing to provide a specimen of breath when required to do so. The court found her guilty in her absence last month after she failed to turn up.

A charge of driving while unfit through alcohol was dropped.

Postman Vince Marsh was hit by Fogarty while making his deliveries in College Road, Margate on January 6. She then drove off.

Vince was airlifted to King’s College hospital with multiple injuries including four fractured ribs, a broken leg and a knee cap  that was removed but put back in place, a fractured eye socket, deep cut to his head and scrapes and bruises.

Vince was taken to King’s College Hospital

Vince remained in hospital for six weeks and his recovery is still an ongoing process.

Fogarty received a 6 month suspended sentence, was banned from driving for three years and ordered to carry out 300 hours of unpaid work and pay £600 costs.

Following the incident a fundraising campaign was launched in aid of the air ambulance and there was a groundswell of support and well-wishes for Vince who had been with the Post Office for 29 years,.

The 59-year-old, who is still undergoing physio, said: “I am doing OK, some good days some bad. I am glad judge put her in her place and took no nonsense. I was expecting a lighter sentence, as she was, but I assume the judge knew she had no remorse.

Vince needs physio for his leg injury

“I am pleased with the outcome and now I can move on with my life. My leg is taking longer to recover than I expected. The insides of my leg, the blood vessels, have taken a battering and show no reading with a Doppler test so I have to wait for them to heal and recover. I and my doctor don’t know how long this will take. It could be years but I will adjust my life accordingly.”

“This incident has shown me I have fantastic friends, colleagues, family and customers. I didn’t realise (there would be so much support) as you just get on with your job, delivering the mail and chatting to customers. I shall miss them if I can’t get back to work, which looks unlikely.”


  1. Vince is clearly a compassionate man but the sentence was ridiculously lenient considering the woman tried to run from the scene in her car after knowingly running him down. It was only that someone had the quick thinking to chase after her that she came to be charged eventually. She got away with the drink driving charge and didn’t turn up in court ! She has no remorse for her actions that day or since. She chose to drink then get in her car a drive, nobody forced her, she should have received a much harsher sentence, I don’t know what the judge must have been thinking.

    • what is wrong with our law how can this be right hit and run and still only get a suspended sentence .and i bet 10/1 she had been drinking . .this country is going to pot . .such an easy touch to live here and be a law breaker.

  2. The sentence should fit the crime and a slap on the wrist such as this woman has received is a travesty of justice. She should be banned from driving for life and should have received a custodial sentence of at least two years. As has been said she has showed no remorse and her failure to turn up shows her complete disregard for the law.

  3. Absolutely disappointed in the outcome.There is no justice in this case.Drink driver,left the seen,failure to turn up at court.and got away with this .I think it’s a matter for the court to outline why the case was not in the postman’s case

  4. If you want to get off with drink driving just refuse to provide a sample, leave the scene then don’t turn up to court, who else feels safer on the roads already.

  5. Totally agree.why are judges so dam lenient,that’s why people are not worried what they do,as there is no justice.i think the laws an ass,buck your ideas up judges.we want to see harsher sentences.

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