Shocking injuries suffered by postman Vince Marsh after being hit by a car in Margate

Vince suffered multiple injuries

This shocking photo has been released with the permission of a postman who was hit by a car while making his deliveries in Margate on Saturday (January 6).

Vince Marsh, from Birchington, was airlifted to King’s College hospital in London with serious injuries after being hit by a vehicle in College Road.

Police were called to reports a car had hit a pedestrian and also vehicles at 10.42am. A woman was arrested at the scene on suspicion of drink-driving.

Vince, 59, is currently in King’s College Hospital. He has agreed to the publication of the photo taken by his  family yesterday (January 7), saying he wants to highlight what the terrible consequences of drink-driving can be.

He regained consciousness on Saturday but remains at the hospital with four fractured ribs, a broken leg and a shattered knee cap. He also has pins down his leg, a fractured eye socket, deep cut to his head and scrapes and bruises all over.

A family statement said: “He is on morphine which is dealing with the pain. He’s conscious but very tired because they keep waking him every hour for observations. He is talking, fully aware and breathing okay by himself.”

Colleague and friend Gary Taylor thanked Vince’s workmate, bystanders and the emergency services for their actions following the incident.

He said: “A special message goes out to workmate Bill Grainger who stood by Vince throughout his ordeal and also to to all the brilliant professional emergency services  and local residents who gave cups of hot drinks to emergency crews who helped at the scene.”

It is not yet known how long Vince will remain at King’s.

A 43-year-old woman from Margate was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving on Saturday in connection with the incident. She was released on Sunday pending further enquiries.


  1. This terrible ordeal Vince is now facing highlights the terrible consequence of drink driving.
    Its effect is never felt until some tragedy happens.!!

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