Thanet dog walkers warned of suspected palm oil on isle beaches

Palm oil warning

A warning has been issued to dog owners to be aware there has been sightings of palm oil on beaches in St Mildred’s at Westgate and Eastcliff, Ramsgate. There has also been a sighting in Palm Bay.

The alert was put out via social media this morning (January 8) by several concerned dog walkers.

Palm oil is toxic to dogs. The yellow/white boulders of congealed oil smell similar to diesel. The high toxin count of the oil leads to vomiting and diarrhoea and can be fatal.

Dog owners are advised to keep pets on a lead if visiting the beach. This substance can also be harmful to humans if ingested.

If you believe your dog has been in contact with the substance and are concerned about their health, contact your vet as soon as possible.

Thanet council monitors the isle’s beaches and will remove the substance from affected areas when detected.

If you see or suspect palm oil on the beach, or other items which have been washed up on the beach, report your sightings with specific locations and photos where possible, to [email protected]


Thanet council is now (January 10) alerting people to the potential dangers of palm oil and erecting warning notices in those areas affected.

These unknown white lumpy substances have been occurring more frequently following winter storms over the last couple of years, and may be better described as ‘mineral and vegetable oils’ – as palm oil is only one type.

Please be aware of the following:

  • Dog owners are advised to please keep your dog on a lead if visiting the beach. This substance can also be harmful to dogs if eaten.
  • The deposits are a waxy substance, yellowish/white in colour and smell like diesel/firelighters.
  • Council officers are currently inspecting Thanet’s coastline and cleansing teams have been alerted should there be any deposits.
  • If anyone comes across what they expect to be palm oil or any other harmful substance, please contact the council with as much information as possible – location, photo, size/quantity, and if it has been removed from the beach.
  • Any sightings should be reported to the council on 01843 577000.

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