Art gallery opens at Margate train station

Artist Charlie Evaristo-Boyce with his show at Margate Station Gallery. Photography: Sarah Fennell.

An art gallery has opened at Margate train station.

The gallery is the brainchild of the Fort Road Art Stable, a collective of 10 artists, keen to promote the burgeoning East Kent arts scene.

The first exhibition features the work of Margate artist Charlie Evaristo-Boyce, famous for his “Amazing” artworks which first showed in London over the summer.

Charlie’s exhibition is called “Art Kiosk”. The show features live screen printing along with portraits of the artist’s ancestors and local landmarks.

“The station a great space for people to experience art, “says Charlie. “Culture doesn’t have to be hidden away. It should be part of every day life.”

“Art Kiosk” exhibition is open now and will run until December 5.

Margate Station Gallery is in the main station hall and is open from 10-5pm, Monday to Sunday.


  1. What a brilliant idea. We have a huge entrance hall at Ramsgate station which would be ideal for art exhibitions or film shows or something similar. Why not??That would really showcase our town if it greeted our visitors as they arrive.

    • This has been proposed several times before for Ramsgate. Enthusiasm in the past by those who could have supported it was non-existent. The station is an underused resource. Let’s hope it can be supported in the future. It’s not difficult to negotiate and organise!

  2. Great idea, i have worked in railways, Oval tube station has a book exchange, classical music and lots of plants etc, more like this should be done

  3. Brillant Idea for a station & public. More like this please!
    Galleries, Artwork, plants, classic music played out etc at Stations had a Calming effect on ones mood. I pass through Kilburn Park Underground in London and they have classical music playing esp. evenings and have plants now.

  4. Charlie Evaristo Boyce is a credit to Margate bringing inspiration, fun and dynamic energy to everyone who meets him and particularly to those who buy his beautiful works.

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