Santa’s sleigh is coming to Margate – here’s the route

Santa is coming to Margate

Margate Rotary will be taking Santa’s sleigh out on the road net month. 

Santa’s route

Thursday, December 13 -Starting at the shops in Summerfield Road at 5.30pm
Summerfield Road to Crundale Way and side turnings, Botany Road, Knockholt Road and Monkton Gardens.

Friday, December 14 – Starting at the shops in Summerfield Road at 5.30pm
Eastchurch Road and side turnings, Crundale Way, Staplehurst Road, Springfield,  Princess Margaret Avenue, Harbledown Gardens, Eastchurch Road back to the shops including Kilndown Gardens.

Monday, December 17 –  Starting at Dane Valley Arms at 5.30pm
Dane Valley Road, Tomlin Drive and all side roads up to Friends Avenue and Millmead Road,  Irvine Drive, William Avenue , Cowley Rise, back at Dane Valley Road.

Tuesday, December 18 -Start in Dane Valley Road near Bookmakers at 5.30pm
Dane Valley Road, Kent Road, Millmead Road, Selbourne Road, Kent Road , Invicta Road, Marlowe Road,  Arlington gardens, Invicta Road back to Dane Valley Road.

Thursday, December 20 – Addiscombe Road by Plant Hire Shop at 5.30pm
Addiscombe Road , Addiscombe gardens, St Peters Footpath,  Poets Corner, Byron Avenue, Shakespeare Road, Milton Avenue back up to Poets Corner , St Peters footpath into Church Street , Oxford Road and back to St Peters Road.  If time permits we may be able to visit Old School Gardens and Durban Road.

Friday, December 21 – Starting in Addiscombe Road at the side of Dane Park at 5.30pm
Addiscombe Road, Rosedale Road, College Road, Glencoe Road back to Addiscombe Road  into Hastings Avenue, Olave Road, Upper Dane Road, Victoria Road, Laleham Road and Northdown Park Road.