Stagecoach has added an extra hour to the eveningrider ticket

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Bus operator Stagecoach has announced that its ‘eveningrider’ ticket will be valid from 6pm instead of the current 7pm, for the rest of the year. The change will come into effect from Friday ( November 16).

The eveningrider ticket, which costs £3 on the bus firm’s Smartphone app, is valid for unlimited travel on all Stagecoach buses in the south east. The bus company says the new start time of 6pm will encourage more people to use the bus this Christmas, avoiding the hassle of arranging lifts or paying out expensive taxi fares. The eveningrider is valid through to the last bus home (or 4am the next day).

Matthew Arnold, Stagecoach commercial director for the south east, said “Everyone wants to get out in the evenings in the run up to Christmas, whether it’s to meet friends, go Christmas shopping or enjoy the work Christmas party with colleagues. By starting our evening ticket an hour earlier, we hope more people will choose to come out on the bus and benefit from such great value travel.”


  1. They add an extra out because they are always late, we are all in hope that one day we’ll get a bus that is on time!

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