Anthony Gormley ‘man’ sculpture has stay in Margate extended for third time

Another Time Another Place will stay in Margate until November 2020 Photo Thierry Bal

The Antony Gormley sculpture will stay on the chalk bed in front of Turner Contemporary until November 2020 after gallery bosses decided to extend its stay for a third time.

ANOTHER TIME is a series of one hundred sculptures and is identical to the 100 sculptures of ANOTHER PLACE (2007) which is permanently installed on Crosby Beach, Merseyside. The body forms are taken from 17 distinct body casting sessions that were carried out in 1995.

Photo John Horton

Each of the  individual pieces has been cast five or six times and shows the manner of its making – traces of cling film, mould joint lines, the sections of the plaster positive and the ingates for the molten metal are all clearly visible on the rusting surface.

Photo Greg Bottle

The Margate sculpture is the first time these particular casts have been exhibited.

The sculpture, made of cast iron and weighing 650kgs, and the rocks, becomes visible about 3 hours before low tide, so to be sure of seeing it, check the daily tide times here.

Following a complex installation process where a new mounting method was designed to ensure that the bolts fixing it in place were hidden, Turner Contemporary’s partners Considine Ltd have been shortlisted for the Structural Awards for their work on the project. They are in the running to win the award for ‘Structures in Extreme Conditions’.

Photo Pier-Luigi del Renzio

Inspired by the extreme tides and elements that the sculpture plays witness to, Turner Contemporary’s Learning team have devised a brand new tour for local primary school children, which ventures outside of the gallery setting. The tour offers the children the chance to inquire about the sculpture, its relation to the wider landscape and natural world as well as the skies that JMW Turner, the gallery’s namesake, was so inspired by.

Sarah Martin, Head of Exhibitions at Turner Contemporary, said:It’s fantastic that Antony Gormley’s ANOTHER TIME XXI 2013, will remain in place for another two years. Seeing individuals connect with the sculpture all year round, at different times of the day, reflects the vitality of the work.

 Photo Frank Leppard

“With a number of exciting future projects in place which explore the possibilities of art beyond the gallery’s walls, including Pioneering Places, Margate Festival 2019 and England’s Creative Coast, the sculpture will remain a valuable part of our programme.”

The sculpture, which was first installed in Margate in August 2017, had a near miss last year when a 75 metre cargo ship ran aground at Fulsam Rock – just metres from the art work.

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Find out more about the sculpture here


  1. I’m glad it’s staying. I like the idea of public art rather than privately-owned art that just gets stored away in the vaults. I assume that private individuals or corporations aren’t able or willing to buy this statue, or the “Angel of the North” etc.

    Trillions of pounds of this country’s wealth gets spent by rich individuals and companies on speculative art purchases. Millions for a pile of bricks or a stuffed shark or, dare I say it, an unmade bed. Why? Because a year or two later, they can be sold again for even more money! It has been reckoned that only 9 individuals or companies in the UK actually buy this kind of art but, as they all keep raking in cash from other sources (everybody else’s work efforts), they have enough to pay more for the bricks/shark/bed until next year when they sell them to one of the other nine.
    Every few months, there is yet another “art purchase sensation” in the Press as a Picasso or a Rembrandt or a Renoir sells for zillions more than the last time. As if the painter rose from his grave, brushes in hand, and , overnight, improves his work of genius by adding even more genius in time for the next auction at Sotheby’s.

    This country is awash with loads of cash. But the wrong people have it and they spend it on speculative projects like art, land and property rather than on re building the real economy. Why should they bother, I suppose? Another Tory government will bring them another reduction in their taxes so they can buy another stuffed shark.

  2. It,s an eyesore pretending to be art and fits in to the pseudo art gallery next door.
    The only good point is it brings London snowflakes to the town who buy our run down housing stock.

    • Keefogs is right- we should have more public art.

      But what are “London snowflakes”? Will they bring hyphens as well as shed-loads of money?

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