Festive Ramsgate to host ‘Northern Lights’ and Christmas trees across the town

Ramsgate lights Photo Brian Whitehead

Ramsgate Town Council is getting into the festive spirit this year with not one Christmas tree, or two or even three, but FOUR!

The authority says they want to ‘spread the cheer’ with trees in the town centre, the seafront, Ramsgate train station and Newington Community Centre.

Town council clerk Richard Styles said: “We will also have a new centre piece for the town, new motifs and lights in Harbour Street and the trees which will connect the whole town. We decided to spread the love this year and make sure everybody gets something.”

The town’s Christmas light switch on will be taking place on November 25 and will include a local craft fair, lantern workshops, elves workshop with Looping The Loop, children’s rides, the land train and there will be an inflatable helter skelter too!

Santa will be at 26 Harbour Street and available from 2.30pm to 4.30pm.

Live entertainment will start from 1pm. The lights will be switched on in the town centre at 4.30pm.

Ramsgate will also have its very own Northern Lights this year in the shape of a special laser show.

Definitive Special Projects Ltd, a laser light company, bring ‘Aurora Borealis’ to Ramsgate for nine nights between December 8 and 16, where a laser display will be shown across the harbour from 4pm to 10pm.

The event has been arranged by Ramsgate Town Council and Visit Ramsgate.

Photo Carole Adams

The annual tradition of lighting up the boats in the harbour will also be taking place.

Watch this space for Christmas switch on news from our Thanet towns and villages


  1. Yeah that’s about right. Squander money on trees and lights and then cancel the 42 bus service that lots of seniors rely on. Thanks

    • Interesting thought and would love to agree, however your talking jibberish. The council don’t cancel bus routes!

  2. As Steve says, this sounds like an extravaganza – which the council can’t afford. I suppose this is the modern equivalent of bread and circuses.

  3. Last year locals complained the council hadn’t done enough regarding a decent tree, this year it’s too much apparently. Just goes to to show nobody is ever happy!

  4. Sounds great and complements the harbour illuminations which already draw people in. Ramsgate is a lovely place to visit as well as live and tourism is important to the town. I’m not sure the Town Council is responsible for the bus routes but they are responsible for the promotion of the town and this seems a good idea in my book.

  5. Hi, I will be coming down from London to see this with the family. Not sure what people have against this as we all know that winter months at a seaside town are quiet. Also the council most definitely have nothing to do with cancelling a bus route, ludicrous!

  6. Why have Thanet got hardly any parking spots for disabled.I live in Westgate and love to visit Ramsgate for Coffee but being disabled it’s very awkward with nowhere to park

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