Pupils at Ramsgate Arts Primary raise their ideas for school improvements

The Junior Leadership Team

Pupils at Ramsgate Arts Primary have an important role to play in how their school is run.

The first meeting of the Junior Leadership Team for 2018/2019 has been held and the group consists of two representatives from each year group.

The boys and girls will meet regularly to discuss potential ways they think that their school can be improved and developed.

Deputy Head of School Hanna Beech is the lead teacher for the JLT. She said: “They have a vitally important role in the ongoing development of this school.

“They are the eyes and ears of the staff. They will give us suggestions they collect among themselves and from their fellow year group pupils.

“This information will be discussed by our senior staff and we are looking forward to their ideas and suggestions, which will be discussed thoughtfully and seriously.”

At the first meeting, Ellis from Year 5 said:” We are going to work together to improve our school and to put forward the views of all the children.”

One of the JLT’s first discussions was about fundraising ideas for the NSPCC charity. These included a sponsored  ‘bring your parents to school day’, making and selling jewellery created by arts and crafts pupils, selling tasty lemonade, a car boot sale, a cake bake sale, selling clothes that no longer fit and selling old toys, face painting and a mad hair day.

Head of School Nick Budge said: “We are a firm believer in Pupil Voice and I am sure the JLT will be a huge addition to our RAPS community.”

The JLT team will report their meeting minutes back to fellow pupils to keep each year group informed of ideas and projects.

To book a tour of RAPS and see the arts learning in action, contact Head of School Nick Budge on 01843 582847.