Upton Junior School introduces ‘Cup of Kindness’ award

Ellis Joyner and Farah Irani in Year 5 are the first winners

A simple act of kindness can make the world of difference and it is an important lesson in life that children at Upton Juniors in Broadstairs learn as part of their schooling.

Now the school has decided to reinforce the ethos with the awarding of the Kindness Cup each week.

Deputy Head of School Dave Walker explained: “Our children know all about kindness and are very supportive of each other and the staff.

“It is an important part of their social education and so we decided to publicly award the cup regularly to those who have really demonstrated kindness in a range of different ways.

“Each week children are nominated by staff around the school or by their peers for acts of kindness.

“Our first winners – Ellis Joyner and Farah Irani in Year 5 – asked if they could stay in at playtimes during the week to help staff prepare displays of children’s work around the school.

“They were prepared to give up their breaks to assist staff and help in the important presentation of pupils’ work. The offer was well received and the girls were a valuable asset to the staff.”

Mr Walker said that acts of kindness, compassion or generosity contribute to building a better society where people care about each other.

He added: “Rewarding children for being kind can only prompt more children to be kind. It is a valuable lesson they learn that will benefit them throughout their lives.”