Barclays bank is shutting its branch at the Asda Broadstairs store

The Barclays branch at Asda will shut in January

Barclays Bank is shutting its branch at the  Asda Broadstairs store.

The service will shut on January 18 next year due to a lack of customers.

Barclays says there are only 159 customers who do all their banking at the branch and the majority of customers use alternative services, such as online or telephone banking.

The announcement that Broadstairs branch would open in the Asda supermarket was made in 2013 following the loss of the High Street service.

It is understood that six staff at the branch are affected.

A Barclays spokesman confirmed there will not be any redundancies.

The closure means residents in Broadstairs will only have Nationwide in the High Street and the HSBC at Westwood Cross for face to face services unless they travel to other towns.

The nearest Barclays branches will be Ramsgate, Margate and Deal.

A Barclays statement says: “Our branch network and the colleagues who work in them remain a vital part of what we offer our customers.

“Yet with customers visiting our branches less and less each year, we must constantly assess how and why our branches are used and make decisions based on that insight. There will be times when this means that we will make the difficult decision to close a branch.”


  1. It’s an utter disgrace and complete disregard to the community. These so called big four banks should be held accountable for putting profit before people. The very people that made them what they are today. There’s no loyalty anymore so hats off to Nationwide Building Society and may long they prosper! Did you know that there are several so called Challenger Banks, such as Starling Bank ( google it ) that offer unparralled service albiet via an app witn 27/7 online assitance, hardly any fees and interest on current account balances.

  2. Another sad loss, but don’t forget that you can still use Post Office branches to pay in cheques and cash or takeout cash, from your other “high street” banks accounts. There are three Post Offices in Broadstairs: Broadway, Dumpton (behind the Nissan garage) and the newly opened one in Londis at the bottom High Street.

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