London sisters and brother jailed for Margate attack that left victim with multiple stab wounds

Jailed: Jwan Surani, right, Viyan Surani, top and Karwan Surani

Two sisters and their brother who travelled from London to Margate and then carried out a planned assault where their victim was repeatedly stabbed have been jailed for a combined total of more than 20 years.

The siblings, Jwan Surani, 24, Viyan Surani, 22 and Karwan Surani 18, planned the assault on the man they knew and travelled down from the city in order to carry it out.

The victim was asleep when Jwan knocked on his door at around 10pm on 25 October 2015. She asked to speak to him outside and coaxed him out of the property in Harold Road.

Jwan then started shouting at him and he felt Viyan grab him from behind. To the right of him he caught sight of Karwan who slashed him with a knife and hit him in the side.

The victim was in shock and screamed for help as Karwan repeatedly stabbed him in the body.

Viyan and Jwan ran to their car before Karwan joined them and all three fled the scene.

The victim managed to get back into the house and his friend called for an ambulance. He was taken to a London hospital with serious injuries.

The matter was reported to Kent Police and officers worked with the Metropolitan Police to locate the black Nissan Note the trio were travelling in and have all of them arrested and brought to Kent.

All three from Endlebury Road in Chingford denied the charge of wounding with intent but were found guilty by a jury following an eight-day trial at Canterbury Crown Court on Wednesday 8 August.

They were sentenced at Canterbury Crown Court today (September 21).

Jwan was sentenced to nine years imprisonment with Viyan and Karwan each receiving six years.

Investigating officer Lynne Short said: “This attack was premediated and they knew they would outnumber their victim. Between them they made sure he was left with significant injuries before fleeing the scene without calling an ambulance or being sorry for what they did. Their victim is lucky to be alive.

“Thankfully they have been found guilty of this brutal assault and will now serve time in prison where they can each think about their actions and make better choices in the future.

“Kent Police is committed to tackling knife crime and will continue to educate young people on the serious repercussions and devastating consequences of carrying knives.”


  1. Disgusting, disgraceful act. Why do we let so many of the criminal element in to our Country? Are no checks made by border police before stay permits are issued?

  2. The parents of these siblings have lived in Chingford for over 10 years. Did you assume that these three were recent immigrants? Their teenage years were spent in Essex.

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