Margate-based 1927 brings tale of The Animals and Children to Theatre Royal

A new production from 1927

Live music synchronised with performance, storytelling, film and animation comes to the stage with the latest production by theatre company 1927.

The Animals and Children takes the audience to the Bayou, part of a city feared and loathed wherein lies the infamous Bayou Mansions; a sprawling stinking tenement block, where curtain-twitchers and peeping-toms live side by side, and the wolf… is always at the door.

When Agnes Eaves and her daughter arrive late one night, does it signal hope in this hopeless place, or has the real horror only just begun?

It is the company’s second production in Thanet since moving to a studio in Northdown Roadi n 2016.

1927 animator and designer Paul Barritt left London behind to make Margate his home and the base for the studio, which is used to create animation for future shows.

The productions are painstaking to create. 1927 created five in 10 years, each going through the process of ideas, making and rehearsals.

The company’s first show in margate since moving to the isle was Golem, directed and written by Suzanne Andrade with film, animation and design by Paul Barritt. It was staged at the Theatre Royal last October.

Now 1927 follow up with The Animals and Children at the Theatre Royal  on October 5, 7.30pm, and October 6 at 3pm and 7.30pm.


Full Price £16, Concession £14, FOMT £12, Schools £8

Booking fees apply

For those aged 10 and over

To book call 01843 292795 or click here