Removal order will not yet be served on Travellers’ group in Ramsgate due to welfare concerns

A removal order has been granted but will not be served just yet. Police were at the site on Monday

Thanet council has today (September 6) been granted an order for removal to be served to a Travellers group at a Ramsgate seafront car park.

The group has been at the site at the eastern undercliff site since August 27. They were given a court summons for the order proceedings by police on Monday.

However, it will not be served yet as there are currently welfare concerns.

A Thanet council spokesman said: “We are aware of the travellers at Ramsgate Marina Esplanade. A summons to court was served on Monday.  We applied for a hearing at court to request an Order and today secured that order. This will be served when we have no further concerns for the welfare of this group.”

There is a welfare concern for the group at the Marina Esplanade car park

The total number of unauthorised camps in Thanet this year is above 40. There have been calls for an authorised camp to be considered for the isle and the idea of Negotiated Stopping – a contract between mobile Travellers and councils that allow the Travellers to camp for up to three months on specified areas of vacant council land – has also been raised.

The Friends, Families and Travellers (FFT) group has called on the Housing Minister to address the chronic national shortage of Gypsy and Traveller sites and available stopping places in the UK. The group’s research shows there has been only been a 2% increase in socially rented pitches available between 2010 and 2017.


    • Would also be good if they checked the vehicles for tax and insurance. It’s so wrong that they get away with it all!!!

      • You think the police didn’t check? If they did then what is it you think the people are getting away with if they are taxed and insured?

  1. Surely their welfare problems are their own concern. They continually emphasise the virtue of their independence and self sufficiency, perhaps it’s time their bluff was was called

    • This is something I have continually said that they opted out of society rules and regulations,however they still want what WE the rate payers have but without paying for it. They don’t give a dam about us and the fact that we have to clear the mess up that they continually leave behind them. I must also point out that after walking down there a few days ago that they are actually plugged into our electricity grid, so we’re paying for that too. So, don’t ask us to feel sorry for them this is way they want to live or are they now asking for us to pay for their housing as well.

  2. I know I’m a minority but what real harm do these travellers do? No more than the horde of middle class camper van people who park free of charge in Westgate and Birchington every summer. Provide decent sites for travellers and we won’t have these stories fuelled by hate.

    • The problem is they are above the law, destroy areas they are staying in, and cost the local area a lot of money that could be spend in many other ways.

    • The ‘hordes of middle class camper van people’that you compare these travellers with, are taxpayers who also tax and insure their vehicles,contribute to the system,and do not leave excrement and rubbish behind when they go home. If the travellers lived by the same rules as we all do they would be accepted and even welcomed ! – An ex ‘camper van person ‘ !

      • Can you provide any evidence these people don’t pay tax? Also evidence their vehicles are not tax and insured. It says the police attended the encampment.. Do you think they wouldn’t have checked? What rules do these people not live by. Your post seems rather stereotypical and to be blunt rather ignorant.

    • I don’t feel there is evidence within the article or opinion here to say this is fuelled by hate. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and if they are anti this situation, it does not make them hateful. If a community choses to live outside of society’s normal rules, then any subsequent issues are mostly of their making. Also why should regular citizens get fined and ticketed and pay for council tax and electricity etc when they use these facilities and don’t pay? Furthermore, any ‘welfare’ issues are dealt with much quicker than regular citizens- is that fair? It is not, nor is it right that people who do pay their taxes etc have to share the significant financial burden from the debris clean up when travellers leave sites or the huge and unacceptable cost of legal proceedings. There is no money now to even look after our most vulnerable in society. The huge amounts of money that is spent on this ongoing issue is shameful, wrong and unjustified.

      • Might the hate be field by people making a different choice to those hating? What’s to stop others doing as these people do? Why should these people pay council tax? When people visit an area in the Uzk for a short period of time do they pay council tax? You do realise the consideration of welfare is to move them on quicker. I’m sure the people would be happy for their welfare needs to be delayed. The council have a budget to keep the area clean and tidy and move rubbish. They provide big bins on many corners in Thanet to do that. Could they not do the same for unauthorised encampment? The legal cost are acceptable by the council or they would have put a Transit site in place by now. The council is responsible for the ensuring costs.

  3. its Bout time they were returned to ireland god knows what this vigalante group will park next send in the army fk force them off

    • Your comment is racial. How do you know these people are from Ireland? Because they have Irish accents? Are there not people born here who have the accents of their parents. Give yourself a shake and hold your racism in check. The army to encore parking rules? Are you for teal?

  4. These people have nowhere to go and are considered homeless. They could have gone on a park or school etc but parked in a car that is empty most of the time. They have the same human rights as you and I. If that bothers you leave and find a country that doest respect all peoples human rights.

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