Stagecoach buses offer up to 40% off on tickets bought on app

Get money off with the app

Passengers travelling on Stagecoach buses in Kent and East Sussex can save up to 40% on their bus ticket by using the firm’s Smartphone app.

The bus company is offering cheaper day, evening and week tickets in the hope it will encourage more passengers to switch to mobile ticketing which it says helps speed up the overall journey time for its customers.

Matthew Arnold, Stagecoach Commercial Director for the South East, said:“Eight out of ten people in the UK use a Smartphone and more and more of our customers favour the ease and control that buying tickets on our app gives them.

“We know that at busy times when people are queuing at the bus stop, it’s much quicker to hop on board with a mobile ticket to show the driver.”  He added “We hope that by offering mobile tickets at a reduced price, more people will choose to use them.”

The app offers bus users a digital way of buying and using bus tickets alongside existing contactless and cash payments on the bus. Day and week tickets can be bought on the app in advance of travel, which saves time when boarding the bus.

Stagecoach say that no internet or data connection is required to show the ticket which can be activated at any time up to three months after purchase. Showing the ticket to the bus driver takes just a few seconds which the bus firm maintain helps keep buses running punctually at busy times.

The Stagecoach Bus App, available for free on Apple and Android mobile phones, was launched in 2016 and offers journey planning and live bus tracking as well as mobile tickets. Payments via the app can be made by PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay, or by debit or credit card.

The 40% discount is on the South East evening rider ticket, which allows unlimited travel after 7pm. It’s £5 on the bus but £3 on the app. Other rates of discount apply to other tickets.


  1. if there app worked all the time that would be great but instead it freezes and crashes and then you have to buy another ticket at a higher price. would be nice if there buses where actually clean and didn’t stink all the time too,

  2. Then they should do the same with stagecoach smart card. Briefly touching the terminal with that is quicker than getting your phone out & opening an ap!

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