Armed police attend Trove Court and ‘detain a man’

Officers at Trove Court

Armed police have returned to Ramsgate this evening (August 15) with witnesses saying a man has been detained.

Sirens were heard at around 8.50pm and then residents report armed officers outside the Trove Court towerblock in Newcastle Hill.

One witness said: “Armed police arrived with blue lights and got all their equipment out. A man turned up and they aimed guns and a taser at him and made him go down to floor,They arrested him and had a dog doing a search  under the cars.”

Officers by Trove Court Photo Stefan Costen

Earlier today an armed police operation took place in King Street, close to the Deal Cutter pub, and in Newington following reports of a person with a weapon just before midday.

Several cars and the dog unit were in Princess Margaret Avenue at the Spar shop end. St Johns Crescent in Newington was blocked off with a witness reporting police shouting an alert of their presence at a nearby property.

Witnesses say a home was entered by police but no-one was brought out of the property.

Photo Halis Guler

Part of King Street was cordoned off between around 2.30pm and 5.30pm during the incident. Police say both operations were part of the same investigation.

Police said the people involved in the incident are known to each other and no weapon has been recovered.

It is not yet known if the activity at Trove Court is connected to the earlier operation.

Kent Police has been asked for comment.