Police urge pub-goers to ‘Ask for Angela’ if they need help following spate of spiked drink reports

There have been reports of drinks being spiked

Kent Police is urging pub-goers in Thanet to ‘Ask for Angela’ if they feel concerned for their safety following a number of reports of drinks being spiked.

Police say they have received several reports in recent weeks, particularly from Ramsgate.

A national initiative being run in Thanet encourages people to ‘Ask for Angela’ at the bar if they feel in danger. In addition to drink-spiking incidents this can also be used for people who do not feel safe with the person they are with, for instance if they are on a first date with someone who is not who they previously claimed to be.

The bar staff will then know the person needs help and will either call them a taxi or provide discreet assistance.

PC Justin Carter of the Thanet Community Safety Unit said: “While drink-spiking incidents are still very rare, we take every report seriously and are keen to ensure people know what to do if they or a friend have been targeted.

“Ask for Angela is a fantastic initiative that enables bar staff to step in when someone is in trouble, and we are keen to make as many people aware of it as possible.

“The majority of clubs and pubs in Thanet are safe places to visit but risks do exist and it is important people are aware of the support available if they are unfortunate enough to have their drink spiked.”

If you think you have been spiked…

 Call someone you trust or dial 999 if you need urgent help.

 Ask to be taken to the nearest accident and emergency department.

 Tell the medical staff straight away if you think you have been spiked as tests carried out within the first 24 hours are more likely to detect traces of certain drugs.

 If you think a friend may have been spiked…

 Tell a member of staff.

 Stay with your friend and keep talking to them.

 Call an ambulance if their condition deteriorates.

 Do not let them make their own way home.

 Do not leave them at the venue with someone you do not know and/or trust.

If possible, try to prevent them drinking more alcohol.