A La Turka restaurant sets Ramsgate opening date despite ‘planters’ row

A La Turka boss Mehmet is unhappy at being told to remove the planters

A La Turka restaurant on Ramsgate seafront expects to open its doors for business on September 3 – but may have to remove its decorative planters before welcoming customers.

The business, which has taken over the former premises of wine bar The Bench in Harbour Parade, had hoped to open in May but suffered some delays.

Owner Mehmet Dari says the restaurant will be ready but says he is unhappy at being ordered to move the planters from outside the premises.

He said: “We have been told to move the planters because it is public highway or health and safety. The planters are not for us, they are for the area and our customers to make it look pretty. Flowers aren’t harming anyone. We have the same on Herne Bay and it looks stunning.

“We want Ramsgate to look nice and to help people enjoy themselves and bring money into the local economy, doesn’t the council want this?”

Kent County Council says the planters have to be removed as they are causing an obstruction.

A spokesman said: “We need to keep paths and roads clear for users and if something is causing an obstruction, we may remove them.

“Other options for businesses are available such as mounted display boxes.

“KCC has rules about items, such as planters and A-boards, being displayed on public pavements and a 2 metre minimum of unobstructed footway is required for busy areas.”

Mr Dari opened A la Turka in St Dunstans and Northgate in Canterbury in 2013 with Herne Bay following in 2015.

Find the A La Turka Ramsgate page here


  1. Tell TDC and KCC to walk along Station Road Westgate. I will put it politely (JUNK) 2nd hand shop coming into Westgate articles for sale on public footpath. Planters on public foot path causing a hazard. Display of flowers and plants half across the public foot path. A precedence has already been set in Thanet for which TDC/KCC have chosen to accept for years even though complaints have been made. Allegedly TDC/KCC allow items to be outside the boundary for up to 1ft. Get this paper to take photo’s or drive around Thanet taking photo’s of flouting or rules and regulations to prove your case

  2. Anything to make Ramsgate look attractive should be welcome.What about Mariners Bar,we had to walk in the road with a push chair because we couldn’t get through. What about common sense?

  3. What about cars parked on pavements don’t matter that young mother’s have to walk in the road with push chairs and mobility scooters get your priorities right first

  4. What is the difference TDC/KCC the Bench had that area blocked off for tables and chairs. This is no different. Instead if the black hoarding they had you know have much more asthetically pleasing planters.

    Some jobs worth over doing it again.

  5. Maybe a Jobs Worth over doing it, but then why take no notice of all the other obstructions around Thanet? All the vans and cars left parked on promenades and pavements outside seafront businesses and main road shops where double yellow and zig zag lines exist, fully obstructing the pedestrians in some places, so that they have to walk in the busy roads to get past. How many complaints about that has the council ignored over time? It is dangerous but they don’t take any notice of it!
    Thanet is a filthy area of Kent where it should be loved and looked after. The Council should lead the way with pride so others follow. It looks like we have a useless bunch in charge here that couldn’t give a fig !
    Why can’t they use common sense anymore?

  6. Come on Councillors in Ramsgate at County, District and Town level (there are enough of you 35!) make representations about this! We have people investing in the town and in addition to make the place more attractive and they are being penalised. I await if any of you respond to this call or am I to be dissappointed!

  7. So they have to remove the planters but rokka can keep their rails that make people walk in the road to go past? ????

  8. But the Green Tara, Peters Fish Factory and countless others have tables sprawling over the pavement – the green Tara and Peters Fish Shop I have to walk in the road with the dog?

  9. Ramsgate Harbour has become very cosmopolitan. The café atmosphere starting outside Miles, is very attractive, but does make walking on the pavement in single file, or in the road, essential in parts. The area outside A La Turka is wider than most – and very pretty too.

  10. I think they should stay they look very attractive ,it’s about time Ramsggate had some decent frontage along the sea front. It seems like its a rule for one to do ,but not for another,stick to your grounds,I hope you win.

  11. They will fill the space they have created with 50 or so tables and chairs, loads of pretty umbrellas and hey presto they have doubled their eating area for not very much, no extra rates etc. Go see Herne Bay for a similar set up.

    • Site them nearer to the front of the restaurant, I think they look nice where they but someone has to complain which is a shame teally

  12. I don’t think it’s all about how the planters block the pavement. Yes they do need to be further apart as there is access probelms but if you look at their photos it looks like they are actually trying to secure an area on the pavement by building a wall so they can put out more tables and chairs covering a large area which they don’t own. Yes you could complain other places do this but not to this extent. They need to scale this back and give more space for the footpath or pay/ask for this space.

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