Travellers have moved on to the Jackey Bakers playing field again

Travellers have moved back on to Jackey Bakers Photo Ricky Cowell

Fencing has been ripped down at the Sainsbury’s end of Jackey Bakers’ playing fields in Ramsgate with another Travellers’ group setting up on the site.

It is the fifth incursion at Jackey Bakers and the 34th on the isle this year. The last group at the fields, consisting of around 16 caravans, moved on to the site on July 5.

It was the last straw for those whose homes back on to the field with residents saying rubbish and human waste was being left in the wooded area and on the playing fields as well as fences being damaged to gain entry.

Residents raised a petition asking for a barrier/bund or secure fencing for the entire perimeter. Thanet council confirmed it would start work on securing the site this month with a new fence, gates, bollards and CCTV.

Photo Ricky Cowell

Thanet council chief executive Madeline Homer wrote to residents to say: “We have agreed solutions to make unauthorised access to the land at Jackey Bakers more difficult, which include a new 2 meter fence along the boundary with Sainsbury, bollards to restrict vehicular access to the public right of way, new gates to the entrance of Jackie Bakers and CCTV cameras at the entrance and on the boundary with Sainsbury. We expect work to commence the first week of August.”

Photo Ricky Cowell

But the latest Traveller group has accessed the site before work has been started. Police were at the scene earlier today and Thanet council has been notified.

Travellers are also currently sited at the Westcliff and on land near to the Manston airport site.

In 2013 Thanet council dealt with two incursions. Last year there were around 40 and so far this year there have been some 34.


  1. This is just taking the P… out of the legal system as it is. Measures within the law need to change to stop repeated incursions at the same places.
    This time though fences were ripped down to gain access which is a criminal damage and an offence in itself. If complaints are made to the police by TDC then they should act on it. Travellers should not be exempt from the law, which is what is happening here.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Decent human beings would be charged, but these lowlife scum are allowed to get away with it.

  2. Trespass is dealt with under civil law, it is not a criminal act. The police will attend but it is not their responsibility to prevent ‘incursions’. It is the landowners’, private or council, responsibility to ensure their land is secure. More council tax, anyone?

  3. Something needs to change. I would assume that if I decided to put a caravan on Jackey Bakers and got my offspring to threaten and swear at other children who attempted to use the play area because it was now ‘ours’, action would be taken against me.

    Travellers could be an could be a colourful asset to areas that people would go and talk to about their way of life. But they are not. They are often disruptive, threatening and have no concience when it comes to others or leaving a mess that our tax pays to clear up.

    I still cannot fathom why stricter rules over them using public land as their own cannot be introduced. I don’t mean the ‘please move within 48 hours like we have already told you over 30 tines this year’. More along the lines of you do it and your vehicles get towed and your property confiscated to the value of damage repair and cleaning up.

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