Thanet council preparing to serve notice on Travellers at Ramsgate’s Westcliff

Council officers have visited Travellers who are currently at the Westcliff Photo Moira Bain

Thanet council says notice to quit will be issued to Travellers who have moved on to land at the Westcliff.

Around 12 caravans and vans arrived on the green between Royal Esplanade and the rear of Westcliff Mansions, by the Chine, yesterday (July 31).

The arrival of the group, thought to be the 33rd ‘illegal’ encampment in Thanet this year, has again raised questions over whether the isle should invest in an authorised site.

Photo Moira Bain

The idea was raised in June by county councillor Karen Constantine (pictured). At that time she said: “I can fully understand the frustrations of the ‘settled’ community with the mess and disruption that sometimes occurs after these so called ‘incursions’. But we do also have to recognise that Travellers have rights too. We need to strike the right balance by creating proper sites with proper facilities. There is a shortage right across Kent.

“We need to look for a proper Traveller site here in Thanet. If we provided  facilities then it would hopefully curtail the number of encampments that are unauthorised. “

In 2013 Thanet council dealt with two incursions. Last year there were around 40 and so far this year there have been more than 30.

Residents at Dane Valley, where the Green has been targeted numerous times, have called for a bund/ditch to be created around the perimeter and residents at Jackey Bakers’ fields in Ramsgate have been told by the council that secure fencing and other measures will be installed this month.

A Thanet council spokesman said: “We are aware of the illegal traveller encampment that has arrived at Royal Esplanade, Ramsgate. Officers from Thanet District Council will visit the site in order to undertake the necessary welfare assessments and following that, as appropriate, the required notices will be issued.”

It is understood that welfare checks were carried out today.

The nearest authorised sites to Thanet are in Aylesham and Canterbury but these are often full.


  1. Maybe the travelers do have rights the same as everbody else but we pay council tax on the property we live they don’t. We have to pay to clean up their mess so why not charge them every time they camp. If they don’t pay then confiscate their vehicles until they do pay.

  2. So it’s 2 weeks since they arrived !so I decided to phone the council …. to be told no notice has been served , they are going through procedures and need to applied to the magistrates court for a court order to move them ! Then if this doesn’t work , a bailiff has to be paid for !! this is all a farce !! I don’t seem to remember them staying more than a few days at the feeey port , or especially dreamland !!!

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