Temporary closure of Garlinge GP Surgery due to heatwave

Garlinge Surgery

The Garlinge GP surgery has been closed temporarily due to the hot weather.

The Canterbury Road surgery, which is run by The Limes Medical Centre, will be closed from tomorrow (July 24) until July 27.

A Limes spokesman said: “We have temporarily closed the Garlinge Branch Surgery due to the extreme weather conditions. Dates anticipated to be closed are July 24-27. Patients will continue to have all their needs met at our main surgery at The Limes Medical Centre.

“The closure is due to the type of building used at the Garlinge branch and the current heat. The inside of the temporary buildings are recording 31c and this is too hot for both the patients and staff.

“We will continue to review this and hope that the full service will resume soon.”

Any questions should be directed to the Practice Management Team at The Limes Medical Centre 01843 222788.


  1. Is there no air conditioning in the building. If is that hot in Summer it must be really cold in winter. Reverse cycle systems are very efficient.

  2. I think it’s time portacabins were banished as doctors surgeries. Anybody else agree. ☺☺☺???? think the people deserve slightly better health care.

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