Council installs ‘traffic light’ signs for dog owners on isle’s beaches and bays

The colour coded signs

Thanet District Council has introduced ‘traffic light’ signs on isle beaches so dog walkers can tell where they are allowed to let their pooches take a dip.

The signs use red, amber and green notices to let people know when the restrictions, which operate between 1 May and 30 September, are in place.

The codes are:

Green = dogs are allowed at any time of year
Amber = dogs allowed on the beach but with restrictions
Red = no dogs between 1 May- 30 Sept

A Thanet council post says: “We’ve added new signs with the same traffic light system to our bays and beaches!

“We’re lucky to have so many Blue Flag beaches on our doorsteps, so please follow and share the code we have in place. We rely on everyone to follow the code, but those who don’t could be fined £100.”

Which beaches can your dog go on?

Dogs are allowed on some isle beaches

From 1 May to 30 September, dogs are NOT allowed at any time, during any part of the day or evening, on the following beaches:

Birchington Minnis Bay (Main Area)

Broadstairs Viking Bay

Margate Main Sands

Ramsgate Main Sands (Harbour end)

From 1 May to 30 September, dogs are not allowed during the hours of 10am to 6pm on:

Broadstairs -Botany Bay, Joss Bay, Stone Bay

Westgate – West Bay, St Mildred’s Bay

From 1 May to 30 September, dogs are to be kept on leads during the hours of 10am to 6pm on:

Broadstairs -Louisa Bay

Margate -Westbrook Bay, Walpole Bay

Dogs ARE allowed on the following beaches at any time, all year round.

Birchington – Grenham Bay, Epple Bay

Broadstairs – Dumpton Gap, Kingsgate Bay

Cliftonville – Foreness Point, Sacketts Gap, Palm Bay

Margat -Fulsom Rock

Ramsgate -Eastcliff, Western Undercliff

All dogs on promenades adjacent to these beaches should be kept on a lead.

A map with the new colour system can be found here:


  1. At present dogs aren’t allowed on the part of the main beach near the Tunnels entrance. I hope that won’t change.

  2. Does it really make any difference?
    The dog ban at Walpole Bay is completely ignored and unenforced.
    The only good side to this story is that a graphic designer and many TDC employees stayed in work!

    • From TDC …The main change for beaches is that the ban will no longer be enforced at Walpole Bay.

  3. They may be a ‘Traffic sign’ scheme but unfortunately the red, orange, or green colours and their relationship with traffic lights is completely lost if you are just looking a single sign. I was looking at the one at Walpole last evening and the relevance of the orange disk was completely lost on me. Not good signage design.

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