Westbrook beach huts destroyed in fire

The huts were destroyed Photo Geeta Dhir

Three beach huts at Westbrook have been destroyed and another two damaged in a blaze during the early hours of this morning (July 21).

Two fire engines attended the scene on the promenade at 2am.

Firefighters fought the fire using high pressure hoses.  They removed three propane cylinders for safety.


  1. Accident or deliberately set on fire? Looks like the fire spread from just the one beach hut in the middle. There was a spate of this last year in that location too.

    • I’m afraid I can’t say that I remember a single incidence in the 6 years I’ve lived in Westbrook.. certainly not last year. Looking at the pictures there are definitely signs of a ‘hot spot’ at the rear right of the middle hut. Looks more like something left burning within the hut, or possibly something behind. Could be a cigarette discarded from the Esplanade, but the grass hasn’t suffered that much so seems unlikely to be that.

  2. There was an Altracation between passing youths and one of the people at the BBQ. One theory is that someone who was involved in the altracation came back after the hut was secured, and set fire to the hut. To my knowledge at this time, nobody has been approached by the authorities to investigate the possible cause of the fire.

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