Emergency services called after car overturns and hits wall in Ramsgate

Other motorists helped the woman to get out of her vehicle

A woman driver was rescued by other motorists when her car overturned and hit a wall in Ramsgate during the early hours of this morning (July 21)

Police, fire and ambulance crews were called to the crash near the junction of the A256 and Manston Road at around 1.30am.

Isle musician Emma Morgan-Knight stopped to help after seeing the crash. She sat with the woman and supported her spine until emergency crews arrived.

Emma said: “She was someone in need, I’d hope that if I was ever in that situation that someone would help me.

“When we got her out the car, I held and supported her neck and spine and stopped the bleeding as much as I could, and tried to keep her calm and stable, so no further damage could happen.

“Anyone would have done the same, I’m just fortunate that I was able to help her.  A passer-by called Gareth was amazing and got her out of the car, he was a star.

“He basically prised the roof off the car. He’s a hero.”

It’s believed Gareth is a member of staff at Cramptons in Broadstairs.

Firefighters made the scene safe and assisted other emergency services at the incident.

The woman suffered a broken collar bone and a head wound but is now recovering.


  1. While all turned out well for the lady in the end, she shouldn’t have been removed from the car until medical and rescue services had arrived and checked her over for obvious reasons, unless the car was catching on fire.

    Does the editor know what was the cause of the accident yet?

  2. With reference to removing her from the car, She was conscious and could move her limbs, The car was on its side so fuel and oil would obviously be leaking from the car. Would you rather the young lady be burned alive ? Or wait while the emergency service spend 2 hours getting her out of the car ? Kent Resident, Thankfully you were not at the scene.

    • All I can say is what a hero , well done for getting her out the car Gareth and all others what helped … Gus C

  3. Katie Davies that is advice given by the emergency services if you come across an accident first. You could do more damage to the injured party and permanently paralyse them by pulling them out, and then become liable to insurance claims against you. It is better to leave them in. That’s the way it is these days.
    If you had read my comment properly you would have seen that I had mentioned about “unless the car was catching on fire” !
    There was no need to be flippant or cocky with your remarks.

  4. Before he pulled her out, Gareth went through with her whether she could feel her fingers/toes/arms/legs. She had movement in all areas and was conscious.

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