Volunteers pitch in for Ramsgate clean up

Volunteers have cleaned up in Ramsgate

Members of the Believe in Thanet group have completed another successful town centre clean up in Ramsgate.

The focus was on Charlotte and Albert Court.

Raushan Ara, one of the founders BiT, said: “Organising events like this brings our wider community together from different faiths and cultures, very similar to the world cup. I would like to thank all the volunteers who contributed their time and energy for the benefit of all.”

More than 20 people joined to help clean up the courts last Thursday (July 12).  Volunteers cleared rubbish, swept paths and weeded.  Groups also went into the surrounding town centre including the High Street and sports centre. After the clean-up, volunteers met at the Salvation Army to share food and conversation.

Friends of Charlotte Court will be meeting to weed and clean on July 20 as part of a long term plan to rejuvenate the area.

BiT is an interfaith group but has also embraced the wider community.

Rabbi Cliff Cohen, from Thanet & District Reform Synagogue, said: “We give a special thanks to the learners from the Liberty training group, who are also having a training fair on August 8 at Newington Community Centre.

“The litter-picking exercise was, like the similar event last year, a reminder that across the wide spectrum of faiths and cultures with which we in Thanet are blessed, there are like-minded people who simply want to do what we can to make Thanet a better place to be.

“It wasn’t because we cleared some litter, though that was what we did. Nor was it because afterwards we shared a lunch comprised of food from various cultures, though we did that too. What mattered most was the spirit of community, the shared vison of a Thanet where neighbours love their neighbours and see each other not as different but as fellow human beings.

“Many thanks to Raushan for calling us together, and to Carl and his Salvation Army colleagues for their hospitality.”

Carl Whitewood, from the Salvation Army, added: “Everyone has been talking about “coming home” – well at least until Wednesday. But the mood of unity, working together and hoping for all that is good must continue.

“We were privileged to be able to work alongside friends from our community in making our home of Ramsgate a little better. No one likes to see littered streets and parks and it’s all too easy to complain – and yes people ought to take care.

“We can complain about the darkness or light a candle. We saw the results of our efforts – tidy streets and full rubbish bags – and more importantly we gained to joy of working as a team and deepening relationships. That really is coming home.”

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