The bay inspector at Margate Main Sands has been reinstated

Margate Main Sands Photo Leeroy Nicholson

The Margate Sands bay inspector has been reinstated.

Your Leisure, which provides the inspector service, had removed the role after a review of resources since Thanet council slashed funding to the organisation.

But, following discussion with TDC, the decision had been made to bring the inspector back.

Julie Foster, Your Leisure head of assets, safety, outdoor and community, said:  ‘Following discussions between Your Leisure and Thanet District Council, we are pleased to announce that the Bay Inspector provision at Margate Sands has been reinstated.

“This is great news for the district and for visitors to this very busy bay. Our Bay Inspector is on hand to assist, advise and guide beach users and will work closely with the RNLI and concessionaires to ensure everyone has a safe and great time.”

Margate Main Sands Photo TDC

A Thanet council spokesman added: “Margate Main Sands is a flagship beach and we recognise the importance of having a point of contact on the beach during the peak summer period.

“This summer season it has been agreed that a Bay Inspector will be provided by Your Leisure.

“While the cost of this will be borne for 2018 by Thanet District Council, options are being explored that will allow us to improve on our presence at all of Thanet’s main beaches in the future.”

 Iris Johnston 

Ward councillor Iris Johnston said: “I understand the council eventually brought in an in-house person. Obviously I am very pleased although I heard about it from a member of the public not the council.

“I’m pleased our campaigning worked and let’s hope there is cover every day as just this week I was alerted to someone having a barbecue on the top of the steps and the smoke was billowing into the road, which was potentially very dangerous.  I have also sent photos (to Thanet council) of people swimming in the boating pool. This needs careful monitoring.”

The boating pool has been the site of several accidents and this month RNLI lifeguards were warning people to stay away from the pool.

In 1996 a young man was awarded a financial sum after diving into the pool left him paralysed.


  1. Not only a person being paralysed after diving in the shallow water but someone drowned in that boating pool too.

    • Its not a boating pool, its a swimming/paddling pool. Originally had changing rooms in the old sun deck. The boating pool was at the clock tower end of the beach.You could hire a canoe or a paddle boat there, and were pulled in by the operator if you exceeded your paid-for time.

  2. I spent two weeks every summer in Margate . This pool is tidal and I can remember my parents always warning me away from it .This was in late fifties .

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