The 2017/18 bill for Thanet council’s top officer team was £558,771

Thanet council

A Thanet council officer who left his role after less than two years due to an authority restructure was paid £39,533 as compensation for loss of his post.

Rob Kenyon, who was the Director of Community Services until his departure last October, took voluntary redundancy as part of the Thanet council restructure following the failed East Kent councils merger bid. The authority said it had to save an additional £2million per year, requiring ‘significant restructuring.’

Mr Kenyon was responsible for economic development, regeneration, heritage, planning, building control, enforcement, housing, licensing, tourism, leisure, events, museums, community safety.

In 2017/18 he received a salary of £80,401 with £2,000 in ‘cash benefits’ plus the £39,533 pay out equalling £121,934 not including pension contributions of £7,169.

Thanet council’s annual statement of accounts also lists the salaries received by other top officers at the authority between April 1, 2017 -March 31, 2018.

The job role titles for some posts have now changed following the restructure.

Chief executive Madeline Homer received a salary of £133,771, plus ‘cash benefits’ of  £5,000  making a total £138,771 not including pension contributions of £20,966.

Director of Corporate Resources Tim Willis received a salary of  £98,245 plus £4,000 ‘cash benefits’ totalling £102,245 not including pension contributions of £15,156.

Director of Corporate Governance Tim Howes received £97,173 plus ‘cash benefits’ of 4,000 totalling £101,173 not including pension contributions of £15,156.

Director of Operational Services Gavin Waite received £90,648 plus ‘cash benefits’ of £4,000 totalling £94,648 not including pension contributions of £14,225.

The total top officers’ salary bill for 2017/18, excluding pension payments but including Mr Kenyon’s compensation, came to £558, 771.

Generous salaries are also paid for three roles within East Kent Services. Councillor allowances for the year came to £365,000.


There were 28 staff earning between £50,000 and £124,000 at the authority in 2017/18. Five of those staff left during the financial year.

There were 8 compulsory redundancies in the financial period across all staff at TDC with 7 other departures.

Some £339,000 was paid out in redundancy packages.

Thanet council employed 475 staff, full time and part time, when its draft accounts were completed in May this year.


  1. If these incompetent fools need to save two million pounds, how about they stop peddling the impossible fantasy of finding ferries that dont exist and stop pouring almost two million pounds a year into the black hole that is the port at Ramsgate? There is a very real and profitable alternative use on the table, namely the proposed Marina Village project! Fools of the greatest order…

    • Rather unfair comment Barry Lewis. I should think the Chief Executive of Thanet District Council earns every penny trying to keep Thanet Council in some semblance of order with some of the so called Councillors who we have in Thanet and my comments are also aimed at some of the so called County Councillors. I wouldn’t pay some of them with seashells.!! How you equate a full time officer with part time councillors beggars belief.

  2. The council needs a good shake-up of it’s Councillors at the next election as there are many who don’t give a damn about their constituency or constituents, not even replying to them or furthering their concerns. They get allowances for doing nothing in many cases.

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