Travellers have now left Jackey Bakers in Ramsgate

The group at Jackey Bakers had been moved on from Herne Bay Photo Ricky Cowell

A group of Travellers who set up at Jackey Bakers fields in Ramsgate on Thursday (July 5) have now left the site.

It appears the group had recently been removed from land in Herne Bay before arriving in Ramsgate.

The playing fields now need a second clear up operation in as many months following the departure.

Jackey Bakers has been used by Travellers twice previously in June and once in May and by two separate groups last June. There was also a large encampment at the site in July 2016.

Last week residents signed a petition asking for a barrier/bund or secure fencing for the entire perimeter of Jackey Bakers to head of Traveller incursions and nuisance bikers who are getting on to the green at night.. A similar request has been made by people living in Dane Valley where the Green has also been the target of numerous incursions.

There have been 27 unauthorised encampments in Thanet so far this year.

A Thanet council spokesman said: “We take the concerns of local residents very seriously and the issues around access at Jackey Bakers are something we are working hard to resolve. We are exploring a range of measures to limit nuisance use of the area.

“We have spoken with individual residents and will use our website and social media channels to keep the public in the loop as decisions are made and solutions found.”

Neighbouring council seeks civil injunction

Canterbury City Council land has also been targeted with incursions. The authority is now seeking to obtain a civil injunction to try and prevent unauthorised encampments on any of its land, using existing legislation.

A spokesman said: “The frequency with which this is happening means we need to seek other, long-term solutions to the problem. As a result, we have now begun the process of obtaining a civil injunction to try and prevent unauthorised encampments on any of our land, using existing legislation. A small number of councils have already gone down this route so precedent has been set.

“This is not a quick process but we are now collating evidence with a view to making an injunction application.”


  1. Thanet District Council; are you listening to Canterbury Council? you need to get this injunction as you have the proof of all these encampments over the last few years. They are not solitary episodes that should be dealt with by way of a court order. Get into gear and get this sorted so any further encampment in Thanet becomes an offence that can be dealt with immediately.

  2. I see that a group are now camped on the grass verge of Columbus Avenue. I thought that there was a dispersal notice for these roads to stop boy racers gathering. If so, then the police should be able to move them on immediately.

  3. So we have different rules, we leave a ness or put the wrong thing in a coloured bin get fined or they will not take it. Fly tipping is an offence but for who. Going by the pictures only us tax payers

  4. They have started gathering at Columbus Avenue, towards Manston business park. Path/ cycle path is not accessible & their small terrier type dogs are snapping at heels of passers by. Two rubbish areas that will no doubt grow rapidy.

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