Live animal export protest in Ramsgate

Photo Gerard Bane

Anti-live animal export protesters and police have been at the Royal Harbour Approach roundabout, off Canterbury Road East, this morning (June 28).

Campaigners  gathered as the first shipment of sheep to the Continent is exported for the Eid al-Adha Islamic festival on August 21-22.

The sheep are bound for Calais on the ship Joline.

Photo Gerard Bane

Live export is the commercial transport of live farm animals across national borders. The expansion of the trade has been supported by the introduction of purpose-built ships which carry large numbers of animals. There has been strong criticism of the industry on animal rights grounds.

South Thanet Parliamentary hopeful for Labour was at this morning’s protest. She said: “As people made their way to work and school this morning, three lorries packed full of live sheep were taken to the Port of Ramsgate for export.

“They are being transported to the continent for slaughter. In sweltering, cramped conditions, they are being deprived of water and food and clearly distressed. This barbaric trade must be stopped, in Ramsgate and elsewhere.”

South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay has also previously backed the campaign to get the live export trade banned in the UK.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police officers attended Ramsgate Harbour during the morning of Thursday 28 June in order to facilitate lawful trade and the right to a peaceful protest. No arrests were made.”

Photo Gerard Bane

Policing protests

The operation to police animal export protests at the Port of Ramsgate cost taxpayers more than £400,000 between July 2011 to December 2012.

Between July and December 2011, policing costs were £167,127.99 and between January and December 2012, the costs were £237,915.08.

The then-ruling Labour group at Thanet council had banned exports from Ramsgate after 47 sheep died at the port in September 2012 but they were forced to  make a U-turn by the High Court.

TDC has since paid more than £5.1 million in compensation to individuals and companies involved in the export of live farm animals from the port of Ramsgate for loss of trade.

The claims followed the High Court ruling in December 2013 that TDC’s ban was unlawful  and in breach of EU free trade regulations.


    • Kelly. This trade has been reduced by 90% in the last few years for obvious reasons. It is extremely wicked and evil and you need to look up the method of destruction for the animals to understand why people want it stopped. Have a moan at traders not those who are standing up for these poor animals. If I was there I would probably have tried to get the animals released because I want this to trade to stop and I am aware of the utter barbarity they will face. Maybe you would do the same if you knew or if it were dogs, cats, horses etc. You were given a heart, for heavens sake use it

  1. I must question the method of shouting at the lorry drivers, and other noises off, as this only distresses the animals further! Although perhaps some well aimed eggs at the windscreens might be worth a try, as long as the drivers can still see out! Mackinlay made the repeal of the act preventing live animal exports his referendum promise, which he claimed would be possible if we left the EU, so how is that going then?

  2. How else do you transport animals for slaughter???? These idiots ate wasting police time and money…

    • Hello…..Um, like you don’t have to transport them and you do not need to slaughter them…Wake up!

    • If there were more small local slaughterhouses, animals would not have to be transported such long distances within the UK. Of course this would not affect animals being exported for slaughter.

    • Marva. Please have a heart. Live transporting of animals is now almost in the history books because it is ultimately cruel and wicked especially on animals such as sheep. The method of slaughter cannot be described but I would suggest educating yourself via social media maybe then you will understand why this method of “trade” will shortly be abolished from the UK. We did similar things to our own race once and considered it acceptable. Time moves on

      • These sheep were being transported for halal slaughter, why can this not be described?

        There should not be legal exceptions for religious practices.

  3. Those of you who pass such judgement should attend one of the shipments to see for yourself the heartache of it all, witness the cruelty, the stench and the heat from the trucks, only then will you understand. So you were delayed for a while, this journey will be the last for these babies, yes babies because that is what they are, no less an animal than human animals because as mammals that is what you are. These young ones will be going to have their throats slit and their blood drained our of the bodies in the name of religion! That can never be justified.

  4. Live transport to disgusting countries in the Middle East where sheep and cattle are abused as are their some of their women.? No, no and no. Vile trade. Lorry drivers, go and get another job, sign on if you have to. Same to farmers, look for another was to earn a living. Live transport is an insult to creation, and saddens my heart beyond measure. The Middle East is a hell hole for animals, and a lot of other things besides.

  5. The export of live animals for slaughter abroad should certainly be banned. However, the tactics used by local protesters don’t seem to have had much effect on current legislation and I agree with previous comments that delaying the sheep’s currently unstoppable journey to a barbaric method of slaughter does not improve their situation.

    It seems obvious that if it’s EU free trade regulations which prevent the UK from banning such transports, then the UK needs to start negotiating with the rest of the EU. Brexit,if it ever happens, will take ages. No need for Mackinlay and other MPs and MEPs to delay though.

  6. This evil “trade” will end. There is no “humane” method for killing anything its just killing. But to kill an animal using the methods these poor creatures will suffer without regulation (Halal doesn’t really have any) is an act against all that is human. Thanks to all those who turned up to vent their frustrations at this vile trade from Ramsgate you did what you could for these poor babies who will shortly have to suffer the a most evil death in the name of appetite and a god. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would agree this trade is barbaric and unnecessary and the protesters do so because it must be stopped. Most of it has to be fair but just the last few unwilling wicked traders, seeking profit from lives, to be stopped

  7. If these countries want animals to slaughter for their religious celebrations or in the manner deemed ok for their religion let them breed and raise them. If they can’t then find something else to eat. What did they do before Live export? Expecting other countries to supply animals who believe your method of slaughter is cruel and prolonged and would never subject their animals to this is crazy. Why have we fought so hard for animal welfare but then send these animals to countries with little or no animal welfare. It’s an absolute joke. These animals deserve better. Live export around the world is feeling this pressure and it will be a thing of the past.

  8. Thank you protesters for going to witness the suffering of these innocent animals and for showing your objection to this file trade. May all beings be free from suffering. All that is needed for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing.

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