Margate to be new home for fleet of 1985 Sinclair C5s – and you can book a ride!

The fleet will be available to people who wanted a guided ride

A fleet of pedal and electric powered Sinclair C5s built in 1985 will be available in Margate for guided rides from next month.

C5 Alive, a Sinclair C5 enthusiast club run by Eddie Green and Neil Brooks, is opening a new base at Fort Road Yard in Fort Hill on Friday, July 6.

The club has previously worked with Dreamland to provide ride-outs during the summer months and they proved so popular that C5 Alive is now setting up home in the town on a permanent basis.

C5Alive has more than 30 Sinclair C5s that have been lovingly restored full working order.

The club will be offering guided rides along the coastline of Thanet following  part of the Viking Trail.

Neil said: “Although C5Alive is a Sinclair C5 enthusiast club, having now secured a permanent base in Margate, we will be able to offer our unique experience to those who are not a C5 owner-member of the club. We want everyone to be able get the same kick out of driving a C5 as we all do when we ride them. They really are fun and easy to drive!”

Eddie added: “We have various dates available for rides but we do not operate a 9-5 service, so please drop by. If we are not there we might be out on a drive, so give us a call, email or visit the website for more information.”

The Sinclair C5 is a small one-person vehicle first unveiled at a glitzy launch event in January 1985.The creation – which had a top speed of 20mph – was not embraced by the public and production ceased by August 1985.

But the C5 has gained an unexpected cult status with enthusiasts buying the vehicles and often modifying them.

C5Alive was originally set up around 2003 by Chris Gavin-Egan to provide spares, accessories and advice for those restoring, repairing, modifying or just maintaining a Sinclair C5.

In April 2008 Karl Whittle took over C5Alive from its second owner, Mark Smith, and decided to change the website into an owners’ club and promote the social aspect of running a Sinclair C5.  He ran meetings and events at a variety of venues, which included road trips, static displays and ‘motor sport’ style events. He kept the online shop section of the website to provide essential spares but this was only intended as a small part of the site.

In September 2013 Eddie and Neil took over and their aim is to continue to build on what has already been created.

The club continue to provide static shows and the online shop, which will now have a more extensive range of merchandise and spares.

Find out more about C5 Alive by emailing [email protected]

To book your ride visit  and select sinclair c5 rideout



  1. Wonderful. I remember seeing the odd ones on road in Maidstone at that period. I now live by Merthyr Tydfil not far from the Hoover factory that made them. One C5 is on display at the local Museum along with a few Hoover washing machines. Margate is my place of Birth and stamping ground until the age of 24. Trained as an electrician at E, Saunders still going today.

  2. As a ‘Sinclair’ do my family , 2 of which have the initial ‘C’ get free rides ???????? #SinclairsontheSinclait

  3. Like the Sinclairs I have something similar 20 working dodging cars that operate the same way they can do up to 16 miles on one charge via battery powered and being converted to carry to carry two people in each car I have taken them before to Margate and got a good response with them and other seaside places in Kent if you’d like to see my cars in action please let me know

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