Almost 60 Thanet roads were missed out on waste and recycling collections this week

Bin collections

Rubbish, recycling and garden waste was not picked up from 59 Thanet roads this week.

Hundreds of properties were missed from collections on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The failure to collect comes in the same week that Thanet council said it would be reminding residents of their responsibilities after an outcry over mounds of rubbish strewn all along Northdown Road in Cliftonville.

The filth was highlighted by angry traders and a new twitter account, Filthy Thanet, launched in response to the mess.

Residents in the road are unable to have plastic bins due to space restrictions, meaning bags are often ripped open by seagulls.

Further anger was provoked by a council spokesman who stated: “The disregard shown for their environment by a minority of residents and businesses is not acceptable – and the council will be taking action.”

Photo Filthy Thanet

Thanet council said seagull-proof bags are provided and need to be used and that businesses on the road would be visited and any not meeting required standards would be issued with a penalty notice or charged under the environmental protection action 1990.

The trader behind Filthy Thanet hit back, saying: “It’s an absolute violation of public health and safety. Why would residents deliberately make a mess outside their own properties, attracting rats, foxes, seagulls? Why would businesses want to do the same? It’s a ridiculous excuse for the council to blame residents.

“After our outcry, magically bins appeared on Northdown Road so it was definitely not the residents fault!”

The mess was cleared by TDC workers and industrial wheelie bins put in place.

Although there is no explanation for the missed collections the council states: “We will return to these roads as soon as resources allow.  Please leave your bins at the boundary of your property until collections are completed.

Photo Filthy Thanet

“We will only collect your missed bin if it is reported before the end of the next working day after your collection was due.  If it is reported after this day we will not be back to collect it until the next scheduled collection

“Garden waste recollections take place the following Wednesday to ensure that the waste is recycled.”

Missed recycling collections will not be picked up until their next scheduled date.

Missed collections and rescheduled day for pick up

Friday 22nd June

  • Nicholls Avenue, Broadstairs – Green – Tue
  • Wayne Close, Broadstairs – Green – Mon
  • Norman Road, Broadstairs – Green – Thur
  • Reading Street, Broadstairs – Green – Thur
  • Prices Avenue, Ramsgate – Black & Food – Fri
  • Queen Bertha Road, Ramsgate – Black & Food – Fri

Thursday 21st June

  • All Saints Avenue, Margate – Black & Food – Tue
  • Station Road, Margate – Blue & Red – Tue
  • Howard Road, Broadstairs – Blue & Red – Wed
  • Darren Gardens, Broadstairs – Green – Tue
  • Chaucer Road, Broadstairs – Blue & Red – Wed
  • Approach Road, Broadstairs – Blue & Red – Wed
  • Upper Approach Road, Broadstairs – Blue & Red – Wed
  • Astor Road, Broadstairs – All Recycling & Food – Wed
  • Sterling Close, Broadstairs – Green – Mon
  • Freda Close, Broadstairs – Green – Tue
  • Edith Road, Ramsgate – Green – Wed
  • Rutland Avenue, Margate – Red – Tue
  • Nixon Avenue, Ramsgate – Red  – Thur
  • Violet Avenue, Ramsgate – Green – Wed
  • Dorothy Drive, Ramsgate – Green – Wed
  • Donnahay Road, Ramsgate – Green – Wed
  • Lagos Avenue, Ramsgate – Green – Wed
  • Piper Gardens, Ramsgate – Recycling – Thur
  • Holly Close, Broadstairs – Black & Food – Thur
  • Holm Oak Gardens, Broadstairs – Black & Food – Thur
  • Westover Road, Broadstairs – Green – Thur
  • Callis Court Road, Broadstairs – Green Thur

Wednesday 20th June

  • Dorset Gardens, Birchington – Blue & Food – Mon
  • Woodford Court, Birchington – All Recycling – Mon
  • Manor Drive, Birchington – Blue & Food – Mon
  • Albion Road, Birchington – All Recycling & Food – Mon
  • Princes Gardens, Margate – Red & Food – Tue
  • Caroline Crescent, Broadstairs – Green – Mon
  • Harrow Dene, Broadstairs – Green – Mon
  • Rugby Close, Broadstairs – Green – Mon
  • Crescent Road, Birchington – All Recycling – Mon
  • Alpha Road, Birchington – All Recycling – Mon
  • Green Lane, Broadstairs – Green – Mon
  • Richmond Avenue, Margate – Blue & Food – Tue
  • Lancaster Gardens, Birchington – All Recycling & Food – Mon
  • The Ridgeway, Margate – All Recycling – Tue
  • Northdown Park Road, Margate – Blue & Food – Tue
  • Hildersham Close, Broadstairs – Green – Mon
  • Cedar Close, Margate – Blue & Food – Tue
  • Cambridge Terrace, Margate – Blue – Tue
  • Richmond Avenue, Margate – Blue – Tue
  • Windsor Avenue, Margate – Blue – Tue
  • Fair Street, Broadstairs – Green – Mon
  • Weatherly Drive, Broadstairs – Green – Mon
  • Laureate Close, Margate – Blue & Food – Tue
  • Yarrow Close, Broadstairs – Green – Mon
  • Essex Gardens, Birchington – Blue & Food – Mon
  • Ash Close, Broadstairs – Green – Wed
  • Vincent Close, Broadstairs – Green – Wed
  • Mentmore Road, Ramsgate – Green – Wed
  • Hopes Lane, Ramsgate – Green – Wed
  • Violet Avenue, Ramsgate – Green – Wed
  • Dorothy Drive, Ramsgate – Green – Wed

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  1. How disgusting is not thrown Road what an absolute disgrace soon all the data wIll be out or it will be like some poor country where the children are rummaging through the rubbish to see what they can salvage

  2. There is a problem with anti-social people who find securing their rubbish in Sea Gull Proof Bags baffling, either that or they deliberately fail to secure their filth, and in many cases continue to put it out in flimsy black plastic bags! It only takes one black plastic bag to be ripped open by vermin, to make a road look like a 3rd world tip! Lets face it, there are many roads in Thanet where bins can’t be used, so Red Bags for paper, and Blue Bins are used instead, plus Sea Gull Proof bags! These have been a disaster from the word go, because there is an anti-social element who refuse to use them properly! Just recently I saw 8 plastic bags outside a house, being ripped open by vermin, how can anyone have 8 bags of rubbish in a week? Its time to rethink this: perhaps the Spanish idea of placing large rubbish bins on every road, which are emptied daily so that people can put their excess waste in them, may help, but I doubt it. Its largely an anti-social problem, because people seem to enjoy living in their own filth and squalour, like the Middle Ages!

  3. The filth in the bottom Filthy Thanet photo above happens every Sunday afternoon by a man who has been fined before for flytipping. He couldn’t care less and continues to dump his black sacks whilst the gulls are tearing them open, he lives at Papa’s Fish and Chips shop. It has been reported but no enforcement action is taken anymore.

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