Margate dad who almost died of cocaine overdose releases warning video

Danny Waters is now 7 months clean

A Margate dad-of-two has made a music video warning about the dangers of drugs after almost dying from a cocaine overdose.

Danny Waters, 23, has been working with charity Fixers, which gives young people a voice to campaign on issues that matter to them.

Fixers is also helping arrange for Danny to perform and answer questions at colleges in east and north Kent.

Danny said: “After I overdosed on cocaine, I collapsed in the street. I wasn’t breathing. I almost died.

“The paramedics told me they’d been called out to a girl the other day. It was the first time she had taken coke and she did too much and she died. They asked me how I thought her parents felt and how my kids would feel if the same thing happened to me.”

When Danny was on drugs, he was barred from seeing his son who is now nearly seven years old.

“My biggest kick up the a*se was wanting to see my son again,” he said. “And by then I had a little daughter on the way too.”

Danny is now allowed to see both his children but he says kicking the drug habit hasn’t been easy: “I’m still struggling with depression and anxiety but I am not going near drugs again. I’ve been sober for seven months.”

It was music that helped Danny in his darkest days.

“Apart from my kids, it’s the biggest thing in my life,” he explained. “Writing and performing music is on my mind 24/7.”

“As a kid at school, we had people coming in telling us not to get into drugs but they never really convinced me and I still went on and did them. Someone like me, a person who did drugs and almost killed myself, I reckon I could spread a better message than anything I got told when I was young.”

Fixers works with young people aged 16-25 across the UK by providing them with professional resources to help them campaign on issues they feel strongly about.

The charity has helped more than 21,000 youngsters across the UK to have a voice in their community on issues such as cyber-bullying, self-harm, suicide or transphobia.

For more information or to make a donation to fund more Fixer projects, visit


    • MAYBE He Just Wants To Help Others Because Noone Helped Him!
      MAYBE He Don’t Want His Kids To Grow Up And Do The Same Thing
      Have Some Consideration!


      • He had family around him to support him, but threw it in their faces.

        Sometimes you dont want to believe everything you read in the press and check for other sources.

      • He had support from family, but threw it back in their faces.
        Sometimes you can’t believe everything you read in the press.

        If he wanted to help his kids and others, he would be honest in the first place and not play games in the press and tell lies, about serious issues like drug abuse.

  1. Why am I a hater for speaking the truth?

    He never had a drug problem! Throughout his life, family have bent over backwards to support his needs, at times to the detriment of others in the family.

    Drugs are a serious issue that blight families up and down the country, we dont need a little boy playing games.

  2. You never know what people go through. Just cause he had his kids and everything supporting him some people can’t deal with the pain. Some people are weak and you can’t knock them down for that! And now what he has been through has made him realise and now he wants to share with everyone else hoping they don’t make the same mistake ????‍♂️ Everyone is so judgemental. That’s was most of the population of this world are scared to say what they feel.

  3. At the end of the day- whether this is true or exaggerated…
    He has pulled his shit together and is getting back on track with seeing his son.

    Its been a long time coming but he has finally pulled his finger out.
    Not many fathers stick around nowadays and he wouldnt give up- Weldone!

  4. John Smith most common fake name ever what’s your real name and why you so sure that this article is false and wrong you stupid idiot.

  5. If it is true get him on JK and do a lie detector test.

    Jez always gets to the truth or is it tooth

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