Thanet council plan to convert Cliftonville property into flats due to be approved

Plans are to convert the Warwick Road property

A proposal by Thanet council to convert a Cliftonville property into flats is expected to be granted approval on Wednesday (June 20)

Thanet council wants to convert 17-21 Warwick Road to affordable housing to be managed by East Kent Housing

The proposal is to create nine,2-bedroom flats over three levels at the site.

There have been 12 objections submitted, including one from Margate Civic Society which considers that the property should be returned to family use rather than flats.

In 2015 planning permission for three, four bed maisonettes and three, two bed flats, following the demolition of existing ground floor front extension, was voted down.

In July last year an application for change of use and conversion to three, 4 bed maisonettes and three, 2 bed flats was withdrawn in favour of the fresh proposals, which also include plans to  replace the  roof structure and coverings and add new doors.

Warwick Road sits within a conservation area.

Concerned residents have previously said the flats could impact on the protection of Warwick Road’s conservation area status and raised worries over the amount of extra cars on the street and the introduction of more large, unsightly bins on to the pavements.

They formed The Warwick and Surrey Road Residents Association last July in a bid to fight the proposal.

The recommendation to councillors on Thanet’s planning committee is to approve the scheme.


  1. Thought there was a presumption against any more flats within the TDC.. Flats have blighted and totally changed, ruined Cliftonville. Roads are narrow and cramped with one family in a property let alone 4,5, 6 families..

  2. How sad TDC planning officers are totally unable to read and understand their own plan for Cliftonville or even obey direct instructions from Councillors who ordered them to convert the three houses back to 5 bedroom houses on their last failed planning application.

    Conversion to flats is only permitted when there is no feasible way of changing back to houses. Totally ignored by planning and housing officers who resorted to insulting Warwick road residents accusing them of not understanding the needs of the poor. I can’t see many wealthy residents around.

    It is currently impossible to park in the road at night and recent plans for four 3 bedroom flats plus the proposed 9 flats of this development will result in at least 13 extra cars in an area where TDC intend to paint yellow lines on corners to reduce spaces by between 12 an 16 spaces.

    Is there any wonder that residents who have ploughed their life savings into updating their properties and selling up and moving out – 20% of the road is now up for sale mainly because of TDC proposals.

    Conservation area – no way
    Decent area – well it was shaping up well.
    Tenement ghetto – Yes as it fits in with the hard left attitudes of council officers.

  3. The conservation rules are not being implemented by the conservation officer or planning enforcement as it is when they are notified of breaches during works on homes in these areas. Even illegal works are being swept under the carpet. These officers are not doing their jobs properly and nor are the Councillors. This would not be allowed to happen in other boroughs. It is a disgrace.

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