Film crew in Thanet for Aldi advert shoot

Rascal Bay

A film crew has been in Thanet yesterday and today (June 13) shooting an advert for supermarket chain Aldi.

Filming has taken place on the beach and Margate’s Stone Pier and at Rascal Bay adventure golf centre in Manston, which was closed to the public today for a ‘private booking.’

The chain, founded in Germany and with almost 800 UK outlets, is currently keeping details of the advert under wraps.

A Thanet council spokesman said they were unable to issue details but added: “There is a production crew in the area and everything was excellent – they all really love Thanet!  And we have the best weather!”

The advert comes on the heels of filming in Minnis Bay by Cadburys.

A crew from production company Outsider was on location on May 31 to shoot the Twirl advert.

As well as choosing the isle spot for filming, Outsider made a donation to the Birchington sea shelters group.

Other productions shot on the isle include scenes for war movie Hurricane, Michael Caine film Night in Hatton Garden, book adaptation Juliet Naked, numerous music videos and fashion shoots and Sky Atlantic’s The Tunnel to name just a few.


  1. We have such a beautiful Isle that tourists love, we need to concentrate on keeping it clean and tidy to attract more people bringing money to spend here. Get rid of all the graffiti, fly-posting and fly-tipping by anti-social people and you are halfway there.

    • I agree!! What better place to start than the most visible entry point to Margate.. the Station Approach! The litter at the roundabout end is seemingly the lowest of the low priorities for the Council, and the flower beds on the Premier Inn side are completely barren and in a dreadful state.

  2. I went up ramsgate on Friday,and I thought the town was very dirty ,you have layabouts sleeping in door ways,which is no advert for any town,harbour street and our main drag ,was no advert for people coming hear for a day out ,around by the fish shop was all grease, it look absolutely dirty,I was born here and I love my town ,but this week as I felt ashamed off it ,don’t councils every waik around and see what I can see .

    • Joan.. I was in Canterbury today and the roads and paths in the City Centre there were also filthy.. again with spilt cooking oil outside a number of premises. I think everywhere locally is suffering from the lack of any heavy rain to wash them down. However, unlike many places in Europe and elsewhere in the world, there is no policy in place to hose down busy tourist areas every day!

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