Thanet council appeal to identify Athelstan Road flytippers caught on CCTV

Caught in the act on CCTV

Thanet council has put out a photo appeal in a bid to identify two suspected fly tippers.

The authority has published the image of two men emptying the contents of a car, plus a large corner sofa from the vehicle’s roof, on to the roadside in Cliftonville.

One of the council’s CCTV cameras caught the incident, filming the pair over five minutes as large items were dumped on the pavement of Athelstan Road.

The incident took place on Sunday, May 20 at 3.15pm.

Enforcement officers were unable to get to the location before the men disappeared, so now the council is hoping the public can help identify them so they can be prosecuted.

The vehicle was a dark blue Saab, index number CP56 HVC, which is shown as unregistered, and without tax.

If you have any information that you feel may be of use, contact the Streetscene enforcement team on 01843 577000 or e-mail [email protected].


  1. People do this all the time using cars at the community bins but nothing gets done about them when you do report it. I think all instances should be followed up and enforced when reported. The blue Saab estate is a regular in the area.

    • It’s not only in cars. People who put there unwanted goods/crap on the pavement for others to go through it and take what they want are doing the same as these people in cars. It is all FLY TIPPING. About time people took responsibility for there own rubbish.

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