Council publishes list of fresh housing sites put forward for Local Plan

House building programme

Thanet council has published a list of sites which have been put forward for allocation in the updated Thanet Draft Local Plan.

A fresh call for housing sites was made by the authority following the rejection of the proposal to take the Local Plan to publication stage at a meeting on January 18.

The vote, which led to the collapse of the UKIP administration, was prompted by a change of status for Manston from aviation-only to a mixed-use designation to include 2,500 homes. An amendment to defer for two years the mixed-use designation pending the resolution of the DCO process was not sufficient to persuade the majority of councillors.

There were also issues over housing numbers with a strong campaign to protect sites mounted by the Birchington Action Group Against TDC Local Plan members.

The council, then under UKIP administration, said the voting down of the local plan resulted in a requirement to identify additional locations for housing across the district in order to achieve required land supply.

Thanet council Cabinet members will meet to discuss a new draft local plan vote on July 2. The issue will go to the scrutiny panel on July 11, back to Cabinet on July 19 before a final decision from full council on July 26.

Three options are believed to be due to be put forward to councillors which will have amendments to the Manston designation to retain aviation only either temporarily or permanently.

Thanet’s Draft Local Plan –which runs until 2031 –sets out how much development is needed to support the future population and economy. Allocating land through the plan is designed to give the council greater control over where and what type of developments can take place.

The latest sites put forward for consideration include the 3,700 home plan for the Manston airport site and a large number of village proposals

The council has not yet made a decision as to whether any additional sites will need to be allocated, or if any of the newly submitted site are suitable for allocation

Housing sites put forward

Minster and Monkton.
150 Monkton Street, [Field House Orchard] 14 units
Land at Monkton Road, Minster 10 units
Laurensfield, Tothill Street, Minster 6 units
Land at the junction of Monkton Street and Sheriffs Court Lane, Monkton 10 units
Land to the north of Foxborough Lane, Minster, (rear of houses in Tothill Street) 130/140 units
Land to the South of Monkton Street, Monkton 30 units
Land north of Monkton Road, Minster, 120 units
Land at 98/100 Monkton Street, not specified
Monkton (west of the Foxhunter Park). 50 units
Land west of Willetts Hill, Monkton 70 units


Land south of Birchington, east of Canterbury Road 455 units

Woodchurch 1,500 units

South and west Birchington 1,500 units

The Street/Margate Hill, Acol 30 units

St Nicholas

Brooksend Farm (Canterbury Road) 450 units
The Length 115 unts
Crumps Farm 30 units
Sun Lane 5-6 units
Downbarton Road 9 units


Clive Road 5 units

Ebbsfleet Lane (near Ramsgate) No number specified

South of Canterbury Road East – mixed use

Manston Road 70-80 units

West of Chilton School 100 units

Ramsgate Social Club, Elms Road – not specified

South of Chilton School – mixed use

Manston Green extra 20 (taking total to 935)

Manston Business Park – mixed use

Little Cliffsend farm – 2ha


Manston village 293-342 units

Preston Road, Manston 150 units

Former Fuel Depot, Spitfire Way, Manston 8-20 units

Land by The Leys, Manston not specified units


Sandwich Road, Cliffsend 9 units

Hengist Way/Canterbury Road West, Cliffsend 350-450 units

South of Cottington Road 60 units

North of Cottington Road 80-150 units

Southwest of Cottington Road, Cliffsend up to 120 units


North of Westwood Road – mixed use, not specified

Adjacent Stella Maris Convent 5 units

North and South of Millennium Way 225 units

North east of Reading Street and north west of Convent Road 70 units

Albert Road/Victoria Avenue 50 units

Foreland School site, Lanthorne Road 50 units

George Hill Road, Kingsgate 48 units

Havisham House, Northdown Hill – not specified

Laleham Gap site, South Cliffe Parade 15-20 units


St Peters Road – mixed use/hospital accommodation

Flete Road 4 units

Ramsgate Road up to 242 units

Manston Court Road up to 751 units

Former Holly Tree pub, Northdown Road 50 units

Laleham Gap site, Northdown Park Road  10 units

Land by Yoakley House 189 plus care home annexe

Field off St Peters Road 80 units

Hereward Motors, Birds Avenue 5 units

Rear Flete Lodge, Vincent Road 13 units

Broadley Road – not specified

Ethelbert Crescent/Edgar Road/Dalby Square 20 units

Shottendane Farm 364 units


West of Allen Avenue 130-140 units

‘Land at Westgate’ 2,500 units

The Grove 8 units

Government guidelines currently dictate a build of 17,140 new isle homes by 2031. This level of housing may rise to more than 20,200 homes due to new government proposals.


  1. Manston Airport must reopen. It is imperative that it remains designated for aviation use only. Flights are ever increasing, and essential for business, freight, general travel and holidays. Manston Airport, under good management, will create jobs and prosperity for Thanet. What is the point of more housing without jobs?

    • Clearly you haven’t read one word of the many expert reports, all of which say that comnercial flying at Manston won’t work.
      Most air cargo comes in the bellyhold of passenger aircraft.
      There’s planty of spare capacity, both in the UK in general, and the SE in particular.
      The demand for dedicated freight aircraft has declined, and is forecast to continue to do so.
      Manston is in the wrong place; too far from other transport hubs, too far from Heathrow.
      Given that there is no evidence to support aviation at Manston, it would be utter folly and quite immoral to insist on avaiation use only for Manston in the Local Plan.

      • Well Andrew, here is my reply! First of all you do not know what you are talking about. I do not know if you are a long term resident of Thanet, but I am, having lived here since 1955. I have stated before that the only reason Manston Airport failed previously is because, in one case, they had only five aircraft for eleven destinations. Yes bad planning, BUT it does not mean that all plans are bad! Furthermore, Pax aircraft do not carry the majority of freight. It does not take much in observation to realise that there are many freight aircraft flying into and out of the UK. One purpose of using Manston Airport for freight would be to free other airports for Pax only. By the way, I am prejudiced as I worked at Manston for just short of thirty years and I know its potential. One interesting fact that I have asked all those who complain about aircraft noise/pollution is whether they have (out of principle) never and never will fly because of their unwillingness to contribute to pollution of those who are under the flightpath of the plane they are flying in. Not even one has confirmed what I have asked. Interesting is that not? Hypocritical in the least!!!

        • First of all it’s not me who does ” … not know what you are talking about”. I’m just quoting from the likes of the Davies Commission, the Falcon, Avia and York Reports and the Altitude Aviation Analysis.
          It most certainly is not the case that “Pax aircraft do not carry the majority of freight”. Quite the contrary. According to the DfT (quoted in York Aviation’s report) PAX carries around 2 million tonnes, compared with .5 million tonnes for dedicated freighters. i.e. PAX carries about 4 times as much as dedicated freighters do. And (according to the DfT), the demand for dedicated freighters is decreasing, and has been, since 2001.
          But don’t take my interpretation: read it yourself ( for example, published on TDC’s website).
          I rather resent being called a “hypocrite”. I don’t fly, and haven’t for scores of years. And it really doesn’t alter the case, whether I fly or not:
          “AviaSolutions concludes that airport operations at Manston are very unlikely to be financially viable in the longer term, and almost certainly not possible in the period to 2031.” (From the Avia Report).

  2. Gosh! No one has commented yet. I thought that the Noble Burghers of Birchington would have been up in arms at the prospect of more than 3000 houses full of ex-London crack dealers living on OUR aquifer!

  3. What is the point of continuing this absurd pretence that Manston Airport- and aviation in general- are desirable things to have in one’s immediate neighbourhood?

    Who on earth would want to spend their hols under the flight path of- and in the case of Ramsgate, only a couple of miles from- an outstandingly successful cargo airport such as RSP (and, strangely, both Thanet MPs) want?

  4. I replied to John Sherwell several weeks ago- I told him that I flew twice in
    the late 1970s but never since.

  5. Building 20000 more homes in Thanet would mean many more people available to take advantage of a local airport rather than make the horrendous journey to Heathrow and Gatwick. All we need are the right destinations.
    Also, I’ve never seen any plans for a compromise, airport on the south side of Manston Road and houses on the north (unused) part.

  6. All these new homes where are the doctors, schools, dentists etc? It isnt just Manston but all the other sites bringing thousands of families 100 here 20 there it all adds up and it is hard enough getting onto a doctor’s list now.

  7. Welcome to the future of Thanet CITY Council…look on the bright side we may get a Cathedral #sarcasm

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