Council team clears Jackey Bakers field following departure of Travellers group

A lot of mess was left behind Photo Darren Timms

A Thanet council waste team have spent half a day clearing Jackey Bakers field in Ramsgate following the departure of a Travellers group who had been at the site since May 26.

The group were issued a Section 77 notice to leave on May 30 and quit the site last weekend.

The group, consisting of around 16 vans, set up on the fields after being served a county court Order of Removal to leave the car park by Dreamland on May 25.

Photo Darren Timms

A Thanet council spokesman said: “The waste left at Jackey Bakers following the departure of travellers this weekend was cleared on Monday morning by one of our street cleansing and Ramsgate Beach cleaning teams.

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“The volume and nature of the waste required us to deploy the full team who then spent half a day cleaning it up.

Photo Ricky Cowell

“This type of clean up job has a knock on effect and impacts on the day to day service we are able to provide to our residents across the district.”

Photo Ricky Cowell

Providing Traveller sites – the law

The Housing Act 2004 and Planning Circular 01/2006, Planning for Gypsy and Traveller Caravan Sites, has put in place a framework which means every local authority has to identify land for the sites that are needed in its area. The Secretary of State has powers that can ensure that those sites are identified, and the Local Government Association (LGA) says local authorities should be proactive in doing so.

The LGA adds: “The provision of these sites removes a major cause of friction between the two communities – unauthorised sites and illegal camping.”

The nearest authorised sites to Thanet are at Aylesham and Canterbury.


  1. Thanks god that they moved, I was with my small kids in playground and kids with this caravan was there as well( with dog), they scared my little girl that they want beat her and told lots of swearing f**, their dog was on playground with them and some kids was scared about dog so I am ask if they can take dog because dogs are not allowed there,they totally ignored me and start swearing . This kids had between 5 till 11. And their parent they totally did’t care about kids and what their kids do.

  2. Filthy buggers leave all their crap as usual and no enforcement action taken on them. They pay nothing wherever they go, abuse the area, and the council tax-payers have to pick up the cost of cleaning up behind them. They will be back at one of the other sites they inhabit in Thanet before long and the costly cycle starts all over again. Why don’t the council invest just a bit of that to secure these sites and keep them off? We have asked this over and over again but there are no comments in reply.

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