Bittern begins her journey to Margate

About to leave Crewe - Picture by Jon Hassall

The classic Gresley Class A4 Pacific locomotive, Bittern, is leaving Crewe for its journey to Margate by road.

Bittern is travelling to Locomotive Storage Ltd at the former Hornby factory site.

Bittern weighs 102 tonnes and its tender weighs 30 tonnes unladen (before coal and water). They are travelling from Crewe on a convoy of low-loaders.

It will join the Mersey Rail Class 503 Electric Multiple Unit which arrived at the site on May 30.

Locomotive Storage Ltd’s main depot facility is in Crewe but the company also bought the former Hornby site at Westwood in February 2017.

The main warehouse has been converted with seven railway tracks laid in the warehouse and access loading docks to facilitate the unloading and loading of locomotives and carriages. It is expected that up to 30 items of rolling stock will be housed there and the plan is for the site to eventually be open to the public.

It  could become “one of the most significant locomotive museums in the world ,” according to South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay who recently toured the site.