Thanet council seeks legal advice over councillor’s tweet wishing officer would ‘pass away’

Suzanne Brimm

A Thanet district councillor has defended a tweet that says she “can’t waite (sic)” for a council officer to “pass away.”

Cllr Suzanne Brimm, who has now removed the post, made the comment in reference to Thanet’s director of operational services Gavin Waite. The council is now seeking legal advice on the matter.

In the tweet Cllr Brimm said: “Can’t Waite (sic) for certain others at TDC to pass away, their ignorance of the electorate is astounding….just saying! Bring on the thought police!”

It was posted above a photo of Birchington councillor Alan Howes who died on May 9. Cllr Brimm is currently at Cllr Howes’ funeral in London.

Cllr Brimm said Cllr Howes collapsed and died just days after a showdown at a council meeting which was adjourned amid a row between him and then-chairman Janet Falcon.

Cllr Brimm, who is due to face trial in September accused of destroying information related to a dog DNA scheme, added: “The council has made me ill, they are harassing me and sending police to my door. I think they made Alan ill.”

The comment was screen grabbed and posted to social media by Robert Bird, who branded it “shameless.” In response Cllr Brimm tweeted: “Officers behaviour of certain elected members is appalling.”

TDC Chief Executive Madeline Homer said: “We think this is shocking and appalling behaviour from a member of this council and are seeking legal advice on the matter.”

Previously Cllr Brimm, who held a Cabinet post as a UKIP member before quitting the group to become Independent last August, was subject to an investigation after posting comments that a senior Thanet council officer “…needs to go!! Not fit for purpose!”

Cllr Brimm was asked to remove the comments but refused.

Following the complaint an investigation, costing £3245, was carried out. An independent investigator found that Cllr Brimm’s facebook post compromised the integrity of an officer and she had brought her office and the council into disrepute.

Thanet councillors voted to reprimand her at a meeting in February – although that vote was not unanimous.


  1. How on earth is this nasty person still an elected member? Appalling, embarrassing and intolerable behaviour, again!

  2. Oh look, now it’s the councils fault, they made Mr Howes Ill. It must feel totally right for Ms Brimm to turn this story around on its head so that now the focus is back on the council and not pointed at the one dispicable person that wishes someone would pass away. Therapy and counselling is required for
    this women she needs anger management training and help. It’s quite plain to see she cannot cope as a councillor and needs to be assisted back to good health so she can be there for her family instead she’s out there running around creating stress and tension for herself and for others. I say quit now tbefore you end up in a cell, take a break you’ll be doing everyone a favour.

  3. Oh, here it is again the focus being put back onto the council “ They made Mr Howes Ill” every time Ms Brimm points the focus back to someone else. Not her responsibility but of course all of the stress and tension you cause Ms Brimm seems to backfire on you. It seems you are in need of counselling yourself or an anger management course because you certainly are caught up in your own web of torment. My advice would be take a break and seek some help and be supportive to your family. You state your daughter was throwing up while the police were at your home. The stress from you being like an explosive fire cracker must be taking it’s toll on your child. Step back and stay home. You will be doing everyone a favour.

  4. Cllr Brimm needs to bow out now. Everyone can see she’s seems to be suffering some kind of mental breakdown. This is not normal behaviour from anyone let alone an elected councillor. As someone has said above if she carries on it’s going to end very badly for her, even in a prison cell. Thanet has had enough of her embarrassing behaviour. It’s time to go

  5. Vile woman who thrives on bullying, belittling and enticing racism and hate. Never happy unless she is bigging herself up and knocking someone else or there business down.

    It’s time someone through the book at her. Thanet does not need her ‘kind’ #BeKindItsNotHard

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