Ramsgate Arts Primary pupils ‘transfixed’ by hatching chicks

Pupils watched the chicks hatch

The magic of life has been witnessed by children at Ramsgate Arts Primary.

A batch of chicken eggs has been observed over a period of days as part of the pupils’ topic Growth and Life Cycle.

The eggs were delivered to school by the Incredible Eggs poultry-breeding team that has five regional, family-run branches throughout England. They say: “The little gang you hatch will be a pot luck mix of sizes, breeds, colours and personalities. Who emerges from each egg is a bit of a surprise!”

The eggs were kept in a special incubator in class while pupils took turns to record any development and researched the passage of life from egg to chick.

They also wrote down their thoughts and these were collated on a large board with pictures, photos and information.

On the hatching day children and parents watched the emerging chicks and then took turns to hold the fluffy  bundles.

Teacher Sophie Spurrier is Early Years Lead at RAPS. She said: “The children were so excited to be able to watch the magical transformation from an egg in an incubator hatching into a fluffy chick.

“They also made them gifts and birthday cards to welcome them into the world. It was fascinating to see them transfixed as the chicks emerged.

“It is a perfect hands-on experience and is a brilliant way to learn. It is something they will never forget.”

The pupils have also written their own thoughts on ‘our special delivery’ as part of their topic work.

Here are some of the first thoughts about the chicks from the children.

Beatrix: “It’s OK. I am being nice, don’t be shy”;

Theo: “They are really cute and fluffy”;

Cody : “This one’s a boy – I have checked its wings.”

Each class in the school is being invited to choose a name for the chicks.