A £25,000 donation has paid for equipment for QEQM’s maternity ward

Peyma Hajilou, Matron of Maternity, with one of the new phototherapy systems

Kingsgate (Maternity) Ward at the QEQM Hospital has new equipment ensuring the care of newborns thanks to a £25,000 donation from the hospital’s League of Friends.

The money has allowed the ward to buy:

  • 2 phototherapy systems that use blue LED lights to manage jaundice in new-borns
  • An air-assisted device for repositioning patients. Similar in concept to a hovercraft, it uses an air cushion, making movement of patients in bed more dignified & comfortable for the patients and safer for the staff
  • 3 baby warmers that utilise a warm water mattress to warm new-born or premature babies
  • 4 monitors to check babies oxygen saturation levels that enable early detection of new-born respiratory distress syndrome

Peyma Hajilou, Matron of maternity, said: “We’re very grateful to the League of Friends and through them our local community for these extremely useful pieces of equipment and for their very kind support.

“They will help us keep babies and mothers together to their mutual benefit and avoid them having to be transferred to the Special Care Baby Unit or to another hospital. “

The League of Friends is a local registered charity entirely run and manned by unpaid volunteers. They raise funds to provide equipment and facilities for the hospital that would otherwise not be available.

More information about the League of Friends is available on their Facebook page or at www.leagueoffriendsqeqm.nhs.uk