Ramsgate pensioner quizzed by Sun newspaper for setting up ‘Meghan and Harry’ company

Graham Young from Ramsgate

Ramsgate pensioner Graham Young has declined to answer questions from The Sun newspaper after the publication tried to quiz him over setting up a company called Meghan and Harry Limited just days after the royal engagement was announced.

The company has no royal connection and its Windsor Cottage address is a neglected garage in Pig Alley.

The company is one of 52 set up by Graham Young, 74, from Broad Street in Ramsgate.

The Meghan and Harry company has Mr Young listed as the person with significant control of the company. No-one else is named in the incorporation document.

Many of his other companies have familiar sounding names but are not tied to the firms that they may be confused with. The practice of setting up those companies is not illegal although filing false information is.

One of those companies is The Isle of Thanet News Ltd, set up three weeks after the actual website launched last year.

This is Windsor Cottage – actually a garage in Pig Alley

These documents named The Isle of Thanet News owner as a person with significant interest and Mr Young as a director, purporting to have been sent in with electronic signatures. The listed address is not connected with The Isle of Thanet News website in any way.

The significant interest role was registered as ceased after a complaint was made by this news outlet to Companies House and to Action Fraud in regards to the inclusion of its owner and the source of the signature.

In October 2009 a new offence was created relating to delivering information to Companies House which is materially misleading, false or deceptive. If found guilty of this offence, not only could an individual face a fine, but a prison term of up to two years could also be imposed.

This offence could be committed by anyone who delivers information to Companies House, regardless of whether or not they are a director.

Other companies listed  for Mr Young include The Spirit of Dunkirk Ltd, HMS Goodwin Sands Ltd, Mr William Shakespeare’s Global Company Ltd and The Ramsgate Yacht Club Ltd.



  1. Sounds like a devious man indeed. Was he hoping to sell these websites for a big profit or something?

  2. Yes, he does sound dodgy. I suppose there must be a potential benefit in owning site names that others might want for themselves. But am I the only one who is a bit envious of his cheek? I know it all smacks of the modern tendency to get loadsa money for doing not very much as long as you are at the “top” of the tree, even if the tree isn’t much to begin with.In fact, given that most of the world’s rich get their cash from just buying and selling the stuff that other people flog their guts out to actually produce, he is not really very different!

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