Anger at proposed order for seasonal parking charges on The Parade

Residents have until May 29 to send their views to Thanet council

The introduction of parking charges for on-street parking at The Parade in Minnis Bay has been branded as ‘council greed’ by angry residents.

The seasonal charges were first proposed by the council in April last year as part of a three phase scheme to change free car parks and on-street parking areas to pay and display and introduce resident permits.

During consultation on the proposals between 5 May and 6 June 2017 the council received 290 submissions and a petition of 1,029 signatories in relation to the Minnis Bay proposal.

Following the public outcry amendments were made to the scheme last October.

Amendments included removing Minster and Monkton car parks from the scheme and transferring them to the parish council  and reducing the parking charge at Joss Bay and Minnis Bay from £2 per hour to £1.50 and the time the charge starts from 9am to 10am.

Thanet council said the revised scheme would bring in additional annual revenue of approximately £390k per year. The aim was to plug the gap left by cuts to council grants from central government.

The Parade at Minnis Bay was part of the final phase of the scheme.

A council notice was put on the road on Tuesday, the day after a storm devastated huts at the bay, to inform residents of the imminent order to introduce the seasonal charges changing free on-street parking spaces to pay and display.

The order can be seen at the Thanet Gateway offices in Margate, Pierremont Hall and isle libraries.

Birchington Parish Councillor Phil Fellows (pictured) has called the charges a “tax on beach walkers and users.”

He said: “This isn’t about the amount people have to pay but  about the fact they have to pay at all. People will naturally try to find free parking and this will impact on the residents in the side roads.

“The Parade is not a busy thoroughfare, it’s a deadend road leading to an underused car park. There is never any parking shortage or traffic issues. This is totally unnecessary and a tax on beach walkers and users.”


Minnis Bay Photo by Tara Baltera

A letter of objection from a Birchington businessman also slams the fees as a deterrent for low-income families to enjoy time at the beach.

He wrote: “Minnis Bay is a small area away from the hype of Margate or Ramsgate sea fronts. We do not have amusements here. It is a small beach area with a crabbing pool. There is the Minnis Bay restaurant, The Waves and Doogles beach cafe. TDC deciding to put a charge to park here really is not a great idea.

“Some single parents come to Minnis Bay to get away from the likes of the busier beach fronts. They bring along a bucket and spade, bat and ball maybe a crabbing line. A lot of them do not have the funds to do more than enjoy the beach here.

“Your proposal is going to scare these low income families away. If it doesn’t and they arrive here early enough and find the parking charges, then all you are doing is building up the street parking in the roads around the area as they will not always have the funds to pay to park up their car as well enjoy their day.”

Statutory consultation

A Thanet council spokesman said: “There are a number of on-street parking areas around the district where the council is proposing a resident parking scheme, pay and display or both. These charges were approved by Members at the end of last year and were the outcome of an extensive review of parking provision and demands across Thanet.

“The proposals are now out to statutory consultation until May 29 and all feedback will be considered.

“The charges were proposed to help on street spaces turn-over at an appropriate rate and include marking out bays in nuisance areas to help address the issues of inconsiderate parking for residents, improve pedestrian safety and encourage traffic flow.

“Funds raised will be used to help maintain our current parking stock and to fund improvements like the recently resurfaced Albion Road car park in Broadstairs. It will also mean we can explore future technological solutions like automated number plate registrations, solar power and smart parking to help improve car parking across the district.”

There continues to be free parking on Saturdays at car parks across Margate, Ramsgate, Broadstairs and Cliftonville – see our website for details.

Send in your views

Support or objections to the proposals can be sent to Uniformed Services Enforcement Manager, Council Offices, Cecil Street, Margate, CT9 1XZ before noon on May 29.

The revised scheme agreed in October

Barnes Car Park, Westbrook Car Park on seafront

Max day rate £1.50

Hours and charge per hour, 7am – 10pm 30p

Hartsdown Sports Centre Car Parks

Max day rate £3.20

Hours and hourly charge, 7am – 10pm 60p

Parking at the rear of the Winter Gardens

Max day rate £2.50

Hours and hourly charge, 7am – 10pm 50p

 Joss Bay – Elmwood Avenue, Broadstairs.

Seasonal only charges. 10am – 6pm £1.50ph

 Westbrook, Margate

Canterbury Road, Royal Crescent, Buenos Ayres, Station Road, Albert Road, Crescent Road, Garfield Road, Hatfeild Road, Seaview Terrace, Westbrook Road and Westbrook Cottages.

8am – 6pm

Residents Parking with some pay and display as per that years agreed fees and charges

Westgate Central, Westgate

St Mildreds Road, Station Road and Cuthbert Road, Westgate

8am – 6pm, maximum 2 hours

Residents Parking with some pay and display as per that years agreed fees and charges

Birchington East

Station Approach, Eastfield Road and Paddock Road

8am – 6pm, maximum 2 hours

Extension of the existing Residents Parking with some additional pay and display as per that years agreed fees and charges

Margate Old Town, Margate

The Parade, New Street, Fort Road, Broad Street, Lombard Street and New Cross Street, Margate

8am – 6pm, maximum 2 hours

Residents Parking with some pay and display as per that years agreed fees and charges

Broadstairs Victoria

Victoria Parade, Queens Gardens and West Cliff Avenue, Broadstairs

8am – 6pm, maximum 2 hours

Extension of the existing Residents Parking with some additional pay and display as per that years agreed fees and charges

Ramsgate Harbour, Ramsgate

Cliff Street, Rose Hill, Sion Hill, Prospect Terrace, Nelson Crescent and Paragon, Ramsgate

8am – 6pm, maximum 2 hours

Residents Parking with some pay and display as per that years agreed fees and charges

Ramsgate Eastcliff, Ramsgate

Wellington Crescent, Ramsgate

8am – 6pm, maximum 2 hours

Residents Parking with pay and display as per that years agreed fees and charges

Minnis Bay, Birchington

The Parade, Birchington. Seasonal only charges.

9am – 6pm, all day parking


Botany Bay, Broadstairs

Possible extension and upgraded  parking on Marine Drive. Seasonal only charges.

7am – 10pm, all day

On Street and Off Street pay and display as per that years agreed fees and charges

Mill Lane multi-storey, Harold Road car park and Vere Road car park will remain free on Saturdays.


  1. Why would the senior management team listen? They don’t live in Thanet so it wont impact on them. As parking revenue can, I’m told, only be used for parking related costs, then we should have the most sparkling and up to date car parks in the county!!

  2. It should be left as free parking. Everyone should have free access to the beach and not have to think can we afford the parking for the day as well as ice creams etc.Just for once let people enjoy life.

    • Well, I suppose everyone does have free access to the beach. But unless you live within walking distance, nobody except over-60s on buses has free travel to the beach. I don’t see what’s wrong with parking fees, considering the damage cars do to the environment.

  3. The text of this report states that the charge for parking at Minnis is £1.50 per hour (the same as Joss) but the schedule at the end of the report indicates £1.50 all day at Minnis – so which is it ?

    I can understand an outcry at £1.50 per hour but not £1.50 for all day.

  4. This is outrageous and as a resident whom lives near Bottany Bay i object to these charges !

  5. My family and I use to love visiting Kent Beaches, a different one every weekend, as a break from London. Shame that from now on, the money we use to spend on food, ice cream and drinks will be going to another county as these charges make it impossible to visit Kent. I hope you are happy keeping business away with your insane charges. You’ll never make the costs as you maybe have to compensate all the traders in the whole area!

  6. What a downright extravagant amount to pay, for what has been free since creation!!! The charges will drive people away from Minnis bay, its all about the money everytime with this council….money money money

  7. How to destroy an area, for visitors and residents alike. Shortsighted greed and lunacy. I wonder if we will ever return to a tranquil and freer society, where the powers that be are there to serve their residents, rather than wind them up, dictate to, and punish them all the time?

  8. What does it mean “funding to maintain our current parking stock”?….
    … Also, WOW if me make enough money, we can even think about technological intervention, like automated number plate recognition!! Gosh, I SO look forward to all those crooked fines dropping onto my doormat, and the holidaymakers will be falling over themselves!!

  9. As if the uncleared beach isn’t enough to put you off! Each summer there seems to be a huge amount of seaweed smothering the beach at Minnis Bay which is more than ankle deep and which rots and stinks. Even wIth the tide being in for a good part of the day, the hourly charges will mount up at £1.50 an hour. Perhaps the council will increase the budget for clearing the beach now even if their parking gains can’t be spent on non parking related activities.

  10. As an elderly resident of Birchington who can’t walk far, one pleasure is a short walk at Minnis or a seat on the cliffs, even a little paddle. I won’t be able to do it if these exorbitant parking charges come in. Minnis Bay is an unsophisticated and quiet place, enjoyed by young families as well as older people, almost all local and council tax payers.

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