Ageless Thanet: A shop local scheme to save money and enjoy rewards

Ageless Thanet shop local scheme

Ageless Thanet is a five-year Big Lottery funded project, part of the Fulfilling Lives programme, aimed at reducing social isolation and improving mental and physical health in people over 50 in Thanet.

The project is led by Social Enterprise Kent and governed by a team that includes University of Kent, Red Zebra Community Solutions, Thanet Community Development Trust, Action with Communities in Rural Kent, Thanet Citizens Advice, Your Leisure and The Ageless Thanet Governance Panel.

Here, in the first of their new, monthly columns, the Ageless Thanet team talk about the Age-Friendly Business Scheme run by Action With Communities in Rural Kent:

Shop local, save money and enjoy great rewards with the Ageless Thanet business scheme         

There are a lot of benefits to shopping in local businesses.

The Federation of Small Businesses estimates that for every pound spent in an independent business, approximately 70p remains in the local economy; whether that is through wages paid to people, or through rates to the council. Local businesses are also more likely to invest more in their communities and support local activities and organisations.

For residents of Thanet who are 50+ shopping local also means that you can save money!

The Age-Friendly Business Scheme, run by Ageless Thanet, enables people over the age of 50 to find independent shops and businesses around Thanet, who are actively aware of, and care about, the needs of the 50+ consumers. The 200-plus businesses that are signed up to the scheme also offer a discount or reward to those who show their Ageless Thanet “Reward Card”.

To find a local business that is “Age-Friendly”, look out for the Ageless Thanet logo being displayed on their window or advertised on their website/social media pages. They are also listed on the Ageless Thanet app (which is free to download from the App Store and Google Play Store), the Ageless Thanet website and a printed directory (coming soon). There are a huge variety of businesses signed up to the scheme, such as coffee shops, hairdressers, legal firms, local attractions, tradespeople and more so it is always best to check what reward they are offering via these means.

Take full advantage of these offers and use your ‘Reward card today!

If you would like to sign up for an Ageless Thanet Reward Card which entitles you to all the fantastic discounts and offers available, you can do so via the Ageless Thanet website, or by calling the office on 01843 210005.

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