Arsonist jailed for Margate house blaze

Jailed: Vinnie Giovanni

An arsonist who set light to a Margate home last Summer has been jailed.

Vinnie Giovanni, of no fixed address, caused the blaze at a home in Lister Road on August 27.

Firefighters at the scene had to rescue and resuscitate a dog that had been in the premises. The report to fire crews said people were still inside the premises. All persons were accounted for with no injuries.

Crews put out the blaze, which took place at 9.25am, on the ground floor before clearing smoke and fumes from the property. The dog was given oxygen therapy using specialist animal kit carried by all Kent’s fire engines, leading to a successful resuscitation.

Giovanni, 29, was added to Kent Police’s most wanted list in October. He was arrested and subsequently charged with one count of arson on November 20.

He appeared at Canterbury Crown Court on December 19 and pleaded guilty to arson on a reckless basis.

On March 28 he returned to the court for sentencing and was jailed for four years and 10 months with a two year extension.


  1. Not long enough in my eyes, it was attempted murder of a family and their dog. He’s a very dangerous man that you’ll be letting free to roam the streets again, so so wrong.

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