No arrests in Ramsgate immigration raids

Home Office Photo Philafrenzy Wikimedia Commons

Immigration enforcement officers carried out raids on two Ramsgate addresses this morning (March 22).

Officers, assisted by Kent Police, visited the properties in the Harbour Parade area following intelligence information.

The raids did not result in any arrests.

A Home Office spokesman said: “There were no offenders at the two addresses.”


  1. We keep getting told about all the “illegal immigrants” crowding into the country yet, when specific efforts are made, there are none to be found. This sounds like the usual racist contacting the Police because he has seen a black or brown person living nearby and wants to cause trouble and waste time.If there were so many people here illegally , it should be easy to find them. Unfortunately, many of them are white people from America, Canada, Australia etc and nobody seems to notice them. Wonder why!

  2. More like got tipped off. Trouble is, if a van emblazoned with Immigration Enforcement and Home Office pulls up outside where you are staying you aren’t going to hang about when you are here illegally. Anyone who thinks there are no illegals here in the UK are living in the land of nod unfortunately, but hey this is Thanet, where our MP’s say everyone wants an airport bang in the middle of us all, lol !

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