Margate teen arrested in Ramsgate on drug and weapon charges

Police seized this weapon

Police have seized Class B drugs and a ‘knuckleduster knife’ from a teenager in Ramsgate.

Officers from the Thanet Community Policing Team were on patrol in King Street yesterday (19 March) afternoon when they stopped and arrested a 16-year-old boy from Margate on suspicion of possession with intent to supply cannabis and possession of an offensive weapon.

Police seized a number of wraps of cannabis, as well as a knuckleduster at the scene.

The teenager has been released pending further enquiries.


  1. It’s getting really silly out there when the barons stop at nothing in using young teenagers to do their dirty work for them while they sit back and rake it in. We need to get names for the big barons importing and spreading this disease into the UK and Thanet. But in the meantime the Police will continue to stop and search suspects and catch the small time wannabe gangsters dealing the drugs for small gains. These are the vulnerable kids that those hardly seen scum bags use and abuse.

  2. By “boy from Margate”, should we read “Czech…errr…’traveller’ currently living in ghetto-Cliftonville?”

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